Tsalagi Dreams

Several years ago now, I reconnected with my Cherokee roots. Those who read my original blog followed me on my journey of learning, self-discovery, and change. Reconnecting with my roots has changed me for the better and helped me to find my true self.

And after reconnecting with my roots, I began to make Dreamcatchers. My mother made them years ago when I was only a little kid. She had also sold them for a time. I went to my mother and asked her to teach me how to make Dreamcatchers. other 818

Once I learned how I found them not hard to make. The process, for me, is fun, relaxing, and even gives me time to reflect on many things.

other 955One day I decided I would make Dreamcatchers and sell them. I wanted to give people a chance to buy beautiful Dreamcatchers at a reasonable price.

I began by selling the items on my blog that was once on Xanga. I did that for a few years and in early 2012, I started researching places online where I could sell my Dreamcatchers.

I considered Etsy, Amazon, and eBay before finally deciding on Webstore.com. They don’t charge fees and so I went with them because it would allow me to continue to sell my crafts at reasonable prices. other 716

I chose the name Tsalagi Dreams for my online store. Tsalagi, in case you’re wondering, means Cherokee.

I have sold my Dreamcatchers through Webstore since 2012.

other 936

And I have continuously added new items as well as uniquely designed Dreamcatchers to my item selection.

What originally started as a way to connect with my roots, turned into something I love doing. I am happy that I can offer my items for sale and I hope you will consider buying.

Tsalagi Dreams on Webstore

Tsalagi Dreams on Facebook

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