Positivity Week

It’s that time of year again; time for Positivity Week! I started this on Xanga in 2010. This is the fourth year and I’ve decided to continue it on here.

Positivity Week runs for 7 days. Each day there is something new to write about. The whole point of Positivity Week is to get you focusing on the positive instead of the negative. Hopefully by the end of the 7 days, you will be feeling a lot more positive!

Here is what you will be writing about each day:

Day 1: Yourself

Day 1 is simple. Write about yourself, write a small biography or whatever you want to do, but it has to be positive about yourself.

Sometimes it’s hard to not feel bad about yourself. We live in a world that seems to constantly be judging. I’m not here to judge, but just to say write something positive about yourself, something you love about yourself. You can even write about your flaws and why you feel they may be positive for whatever reason.

Day 2: Looking To The Future

Focusing too much on the past or future is never a good thing. However, it is good to visualize what you want in life, what you want to achieve, something you want to happen even if it is just a simple vacation. For this day, let’s look to the future for a few minutes and share what good, positive things we want in the future.

It can be achieving your dream, buying a new house at a good price or even something you are really looking forward to next year.

Day 3: A Step Into The Past

This day we will visit the past for a little bit and find something positive. It can be an event such as a concert, going on a trip, spending the day with someone you love, someone (famous or someone you know) that was a positive influence on you as a child.

Day 4: Best of 2013

What is some of the best times you’ve had this year? What are some of your happiest moments of 2013? Feel free to post pictures on this day if you have any and you can share more than one thing.

Day 5: Your Impact

What positive impact (or impacts) do you hope to leave behind when you go? Do you hope what positive impacts you leave behind will change the world for the better?

Day 6: Something Funny

Share what makes you laugh. And I mean, really laugh to the point where your face hurts, your stomach hurts and you’re crying. There is nothing better than a good laugh.

Day 7: Those Who Are No Longer With Us

This last day is to remember someone (person or even an animal), that in some way had a positive impact on you. It can be more than one person and not even someone you were very close to or knew very long. As long as they somehow had a positive impact on you, share it here.

Positivity Week begins November 11th and goes until November 17th. If you wish to join, just says so in the comments and I will look for your posts when the week begins. I will read them and like the post. I won’t be making a list of all the posts this year as I don’t think I will have time to do it. What I will do is those who decide to join, I will post the link to your blog in a reminder post and that way it make be easier for everyone to read each others posts. I will make a reminder post either a day or two before Positivity Week begins.

Hope to see all of you join and I will be looking forward to reading your posts.