Positivity Week Day 6: Outdoor Positivity

I don’t fish or hike or run. But I do like being outdoors. When it gets warm and my mom starts to plant things, I often help her. We plant flowers and plant vegetable seeds so we can grow things like our own tomatoes. This year I grew a pumpkin plant for the first time. I loved that. I was outside with it for a while every day, watering it, talking to it. Next year I am going to try to grow more pumpkin plants.

I also like being outdoors when we go to Gettysburg. You’d think the energy in Gettysburg wouldn’t be so pleasant because of the battle that happened, but Gettysburg actually has a nice energy to it. I feel so relaxed when I am there and just wish I could stay.

Sitting out on the battlefield or Sachs Bridge and just being in nature is so nice. It makes me feel good.

Positivity Week Day 4: Positive News

I am not a news person. The only news I get is from seeing it while checking my e-mail. I tend to stay away from the news because it is so negative and they are not always reporting the truth.

Once in a while though, I do see positive news stories and it makes me happy. I will share one I found recently.

A man saw an injured fawn with her family being left behind and so he took it in. The fawn lived with him for two weeks while he rehabilitated her. When she was healthy, he found her family and released her back into the wild. He has seen the fawn with her family a few times since.

Check out the article for the whole story and a video.

I always love stories about people helping animals or animals helping people.

Positivity Week Day 7: Local Positivity

Today’s topic is write about something positive that is in your town/city or a nearby town/city.

What I think is positive for my town is the library. It is a nice place to hang out and relax. But it is also a place of knowledge and they have so many events there for all ages. I encourage everyone to check out their own local libraries. They are wonderful places.

Another thing that I think is positive is the group I go to every month for book meetings. It’s not located in my town, but it’s located out in the country side of Hershey, Pennsylvania and not far from me at all.

The group is called Corps de Michael and there has been meetings there for about 20 years or so now. My mom, Marc and I have been going for a little more than a year. The group studies the books of Rudolf Steiner. I had never heard of him before the first meeting we went to last year, but I have enjoyed the meetings and what we’ve read of his books.

The meetings are held out on a farm in a house that was built-in the 1700s. It’s a peaceful and relaxing place. The owner, David, is a very nice person and is very welcoming to anyone who comes to the meetings.

We have really deep discussions at the meetings. It’s great and the people are great. I have never met a nicer group of people.

Besides the book meetings, there are also bonfires every year and plays. It’s a really great place that such a positive energy. I look forward to the book meetings every month.

Well, this is the final day of Positivity Week. I have enjoyed it and hope you all have enjoyed it as well. I hope to all you all take part again next year 🙂

Positivity Week Day 6: Positivity In 2014

Today’s topic is write about something positive in 2014.

Dannion Brinkley July 27th, 2014 small

I met Dannion Brinkley this year. I have wanted to for years and finally he did a talk in my area this year. Dannion and his wife were very nice. His talk was positive and a great reminder that we need to love ourselves and others. If you want to read about the talk, you can here.

Brian Keene, September 5th, 2014 004s

I met Brian Keene for the 4th time this year and as always, it was a positive experience.  I think Brian Keene sets a perfect example on how to treat people and how to treat your fans if you’re an author. Whoever shows up to see him at a signing, he makes sure to take time to talk to them. He does it with me and I see him doing it everyone else that shows up to him.

And I still remember he read my blog after commenting on his. How many authors do you know who do that? He also wrote “Keep writing” in my copy of Dark Hollow because he saw on my blog that I’m a writer. He takes times for his fans and even encourages other writers. For me it’s positive because I want to do that when I’m a published author, take time for my fans and other encourage others.

Positivity Week Day 4: A Place To Belong

Today’s topic is to write something positive from 10 years ago.

10 years ago I became a fan of Insane Clown Posse. Now most people would probably think that this isn’t a positive thing as I’m sure many people don’t really see Insane Clown Posse as something positive.

However, for me, it was a positive thing. I struggled as a teenager with feeling that I didn’t belong and many other things. Well, being an ICP fan gave me a place to belong. If you don’t know much about ICP or their fans, I’ll tell you that ICP fans view themselves as a family. If you’re a fan, you’re family and that’s it.

For the first time in my life I felt I had a place to belong and that really helped me a lot. I don’t really talk about my teenage years a lot because they were hard for me. I love my parents, but they were very, very overprotective when I was a teenager and really I wasn’t allowed to do anything or go anywhere unless they were with me.

And besides giving me a place to belong, ICP’s music gave me an escape when I needed it. A place to retreat to keep me sane.

I don’t really listen to their music much anymore, but I’ll never forget what being a fan of theirs gave me and I’ll always view it as something positive in my life.

Positivity Week Day 2: My Pets

It’s day 2 of Positivity Week and today you are to post about your pets.

I have had pets all of my life. I love animals and I feel a real connection to them. Currently I have three hamsters. Sorry about the pictures of them not being new. I haven’t had time to take new pictures, but I’ll try to soon.


other 810


This is my female hamster named Jem. She is the youngest and so sweet. And a little hyper too. As I type this, I’m looking at her cage and see she is lifting her house. Haha 😀


Salem 005 small


This is Salem and he loves being held. He’ll let me hold him for a long time.


Luigi 009small


And this is Luigi. He’s always begging to get out to sit with me or Marc.

My hamsters are a positive presence in my life because they make me happy, make me laugh and love me unconditionally. Pets are amazing because of their unconditional love and always being there for their people.

And I want to share this article that I found. I think it is perfect for today’s topic in Positivity Week.

Saving Animals Saves People

Positivity Week Day 1: Post-It Positivity

Today you are supposed to write something positive on a post-it note and leave it somewhere for someone to find.

Jem 002


Sorry it’s a little blurry. If you can’t read it, the post-it says, “You’re amazing just the way you are.”

I stuck inside a library book I borrowed. Now whenever someone borrows that book, they will have a nice little positive message inside to read.