Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Lapis Lazuli Bracelet


My newest item listed on Webstore. It is a stretch bracelet. The beads are regular Lapis and Phoenix Lapis along with silver metal bead spacers. And a Saint Kateri Tekakwitha medal in the center.

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Turquoise and Dark Brown Dreamcatcher

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Another new item that I listed on Webstore recently. The hoop is 3-inches and it’s wrapped in turquoise and dark brown leather lace. White webbing with a silver feather charm in the center. It has blue and black feathers with silver beads.

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Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Bracelet

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This is a new item I listed on Webstore the other day. Light and dark purple glass beads were used to make the bracelet along with a Saint Kateri Tekakwith medal.

Find this item and many others at: Tsalagi Dreams on Webstore

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My New Necklace

I finished my new Dreamcatcher necklace a few weeks ago. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to post pictures. I’ve been busy with other things and just didn’t have the time to take any pictures until recently.

I made this necklace differently than I usually do. It took longer to make, but I love how it turned out. I used two different colors of leather for the hoop and the necklace. And I braided the leather for the necklace. On the web, I put the Dragon holding the crystal. The stone is real and it is opal. You can see a better picture of the stone here.

I really love the crystal. I’m thinking of buying a few more either to make necklaces¬†or a Dreamcatcher to sell on my online store.

Saints & Strangers

Saints & Strangers is a two-part miniseries that air on National Geographic channel November 22 and 23. It is said to be the true story of the Pilgrims and their relationship with Native Americans.

I didn’t watch it when it first premiered, but instead, watched both parts on Thanksgiving.

Is everything 100% accurate? Probably not. Whenever there is a movie made about history, based on a true story, etc, things are changed. The movie companies do what they think will keep the audience interested.

The movies have been praised for their Native cast and dialogue translated into Western Abenaki, which is a similar dialect to what the Pilgrims encountered. There has been criticism from the Wampanoag tribe, though.

Indian Country Today did a series of three articles interviewing three of the Native American actor who starred in the movies. All three had good things to say. Kalani Queypo, who played Squanto, said the experience was incredible. Tatanka Means played Hobbamock and said it was a great experience. Raul Trujillo as Massasoit, said it was a gift.

Some of the actors have also said the movie is progress.

Despite it having some inaccuracies, I do think they did a great job with movies. And it is closer to the truth than any previous movies made. I loved hearing a Native language. Jesse Bowman Bruchac helped the Native actors to learn Abenaki. Jesse is the son of Joseph Bruchac, one of my favorite authors.

I thought Kalani Queypo was amazing as Squanto and I hope to see him in more stuff.

I do recommend watching the movies when you can.

Alihelisdi Iga!

Alihelisdi Iga!

That’s Cherokee for Happy Thanksgiving.

I will be spending the day with my family, including my brother, Ricky. We haven’t spent a holiday with him in years. Recently, his wife left him and took the kids. While they were together, he wasn’t allowed to spend much time with us. So, we’re looking forward to spending this Thanksgiving with him.

I hope you all have a wonderful day with your families today.