For Jem


Jem was my second oldest hamster. She passed away last week.

She had gotten wet tail and I had her on medicine, but she didn’t get better.

It was very sudden. She had come out of her house and looked over at me. She had actually looked like she was getting better. Then I looked over again only a minute later and she was laying on the bottom of her cage dying.

I miss her….I wish I could have done more.

I just hope she knows that I love her and is okay where she is now.


Jem And Shana

Last week I shared a few pictures of me with Salem. I figured I’d share a few more but one of me with Jem and one of me with Shana. Since today is National Pet Day, I thought this would be a great day to share these pictures.



Undercover Hamster


I had Jem out and she was on the bed with me. It has been pretty cold here the past few days. It has been in the 30s or 40s during the day and some nights it has been going down into the teens.

And because of this cold weather, besides wearing a hoodie, I have also been putting a cover over me while on my laptop.

And since Jem was on the bed with me, I put the cover on her too 🙂

Isn’t she cute in the picture?