Undercover Hamster


I had Jem out and she was on the bed with me. It has been pretty cold here the past few days. It has been in the 30s or 40s during the day and some nights it has been going down into the teens.

And because of this cold weather, besides wearing a hoodie, I have also been putting a cover over me while on my laptop.

And since Jem was on the bed with me, I put the cover on her too 🙂

Isn’t she cute in the picture?


R.I.P. Luigi

Luigi passed away. He hasn’t been well for at least a few weeks, but I still didn’t give up hope he’d get well. I never do. I was giving him different things, like vitamins in his water, that seemed to be helping.

I miss him. I really do. I wish I could have made him better. I know he was the oldest of my hamsters. I think we’ve had him for about two years now, but I wanted him to pass away because he was old, not from some illness.

I think he is okay now, though. I dreamed of him last night and in the dream, he wasn’t sick. He looked like the hamster I remember from before he got sick.

I miss you, Luigi. I’ll never forget you, little guy.

other 938

other 937

These two pictures were from about a month ago. Luigi was eating food on the bed.

other 936

This was from earlier this year.

My Current Read And A Hamster

My current read is The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made by Greg Sestero. It a biography of Greg Sestero and also a look at his friendship with Tommy Wiseau and a behind-the-scenes look at the film The Room.

I did see The Room a number of years ago. Adult Swim aired as their annual April Fools prank. And that is the only thing I ever saw the movie. I know the movie has quite a following and it is considered a cult film now. I can’t see myself ever watching the movie again because. . . .Well, it’s not very good.

But I have wanted to read this book because I thought it would be interesting to know how the movie came to be. And so far, it is an interesting story. The director of the movie, Tommy Wiseau, is a very odd person. And he seems to be very hard to get along with. I am enjoying the book, though.

And this is Salem sitting on my current read. I had him on the bed with me the other day and he went and sat on the book for a long time. I don’t know why he did it. But I decided to use my phone to take a picture because he looked cute.

What is everyone else reading?


Leo 007small

Leo was a calm and sweet hamster. He wasn’t quite as hyper as the other hamsters and would often sit with me while I was on the computer.

He passed away a few days ago. We had him for over two years and he was just old. But I still miss him and so does Marc. I’m happy he was with us for two years, happy that he was in our lives. I love him very much and hope he is happy on the other side.