Blue and White Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Dreamcatcher

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This is the first Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Dreamcatcher I made. I believe I did post pictures of it before, but I think it was quite a while ago. I also thought that I had it listed on Webstore, but it wasn’t. So I listed it the other day along with these new pictures.

This Dreamcatcher and many others can be found at: Tsalagi Dreams on Webstore

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Silver & Purple Heart Locket Dreamcatcher

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This is my newest Dreamcatcher. It’s got a locket in the center and so far it is the only Dreamcatcher I’ve made with a locket. The webbing is light purple, this is also the only Dreamcatcher I have made with purple webbing so far. Recently I bought some new webbing in different colors and that’s how I came to make this one. I wanted to try out one of the new webbing colors I got. I think the Dreamcatcher turned out nice.

You can find this Dreamcatcher and other items at: Tsalagi Dreams on Webstore

Yellow Gold Peace Symbol Dreamcatcher

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Items 005

4 inch hoop wrapped in yellow gold leather lace, white webbing with gold beads that make the peace symbol in the web, and brown feathers.

This is my newest Dreamcatcher. I’ll tell you how I came to make a Dreamcatcher like this. My dad owns his own garage business and I have some of my smaller Dreamcatchers in there for sale. A customer saw them and asked if I could make one with a peace symbol. Honestly, I didn’t know how I’d do it. I’d never even seen a Dreamcatcher with a peace symbol in the web unless it was a charm. But a charm is different; you just put it on the web when you finish. The person actually wanted the peace symbol in the web.

I decided to look online and see how other people may have done it, but I didn’t find much. The one I did find was someone who apparently was able to find metal hoops with the peace symbol already attached inside the hoop. Well, I had to figure out my own way to make a peace symbol in a Dreamcatcher’s webbing and the first time was definitely not easy. But I made it, the person liked it and bought it.

So I decided to make another to list on my store for sale, which is the one above. This one was easier than the first. I figured out a better way to do the symbol in the web that would make it easy.

And that is how I came to make a peace symbol Dreamcatcher.

The one above is for sale on both Webstore and Storenvy.



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Brand New Item

There was an item that I was making and really excited about listing for sale. I finished it yesterday and listed it for sale. Now, I’m excited to share it with all of you 🙂

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other 770


A one inch green Dreamcatcher is attached to metal four inch silver feather to make a bookmark.

It’s listed for sale on Storenvy and Webstore.

Hot Pink Dropped Web Dreamcatcher

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The hoop is five inches, wrapped in hot pink leather lace, black webbing done in the dropped web style and silver beads with purple feathers.

This is the newest Dreamcatcher I’ve listed for sale on Tsalagi Dreams:

Melanie B and Geri Halliwell’s New Music!!! (And Some Other Stuff Too)

Melanie B (Scary Spice) has been working on some new music for a number of years. So has Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice). Geri is releasing a new single next month. I believe it is called Half of Me, which I am very excited about.

And it was just announced yesterday that Melanie B is working on a music video for her new single as well. It’s called For Once In My Life. I don’t know when it’ll be released yet, but I’m very excited about it! I think both Geri and Melanie B’s last albums were released in 2005. The only one who has been active in music all these years is Melanie C (Sporty Spice).

So, I’m very excited for new music from both of them!

Today is the Muddy Run Powwow. I’ll be going in the afternoon sometime and I’m excited to go. I really enjoy going to Powwows.

Lately I’ve been reading books I borrowed from the library. Also working on two pairs of Dreamcatcher earrings. I have a Dreamcatcher I’m going to list on webstore. Hopefully tomorrow after I come home. I will post a picture on here of it when I do. I don’t think I’ve posted a picture of that one on here before.

Well, I better get to bed so I can get up for the Powwow. I’ll try to write another post later today. I hope you all have a great weekend 🙂

Silver Dreamcatcher

Silver Dreamcatcher 005

Silver Dreamcatcher 003

The hoop is 5 inches, wrapped in silver leather lace, blue webbing, beads in the shape of leaves on the webbing and blue feathers with black stripes.

This is the newest Dreamcatcher I’ve made. The first that I’ve made with silver leather and blue webbing. I think it turned out great and I’ve just listed it on my store’s website for sale. It’s $30 and that includes shipping.

Link to my store: