Selling Crafts Again

It has been a while but I am finally back to selling my crafts again! Any sales would be appreciated and also help very much with buying things I need or paying bills.

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My Online Store

I’ve still been busy packing. I’m packing my books now. Hope to have the rest of them packed up today. And after that, I’ve got a few more things to pack, like my stereo and guitar.

And I’ve already packed my craft supplies. Still have my crafts out in case any sale, but I won’t have the money to get them shipped right away. So, somehow in the beginning of April, I am going to put all the listings on hold on my online store.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get my crafts shipped, but it might be a while. I’ll eventually start selling them again, though. All the items are currently still for sale and will be until April sometime. I would honestly appreciate any sales right now because it would really help with getting some of my stuff shipped.

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Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Lapis Lazuli Bracelet


My newest item listed on Webstore. It is a stretch bracelet. The beads are regular Lapis and Phoenix Lapis along with silver metal bead spacers. And a Saint Kateri Tekakwitha medal in the center.

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Been A While

My last post was on April 29th. Sorry it has been a while since I last posted. Didn’t plan it that way, but I’m sure many of you are wondering if I am okay. And if I worried any of you, I didn’t mean to.

Things are still rough for my family, but we’re okay. Still surviving.

I have been going through rough patches of my own emotionally, but I am doing much better. I have been very happy lately. I got in contact with an old friend. I’ve known him since I was 14 and he has been helping me.

I have still been writing. I wrote a new poem only a few hours ago. Haven’t submitted to any places recently, though. I need to find some to submit to.

I bought some more craft supplies from eBay. I bought some crystal beads that I will be using to make a bracelet and I am going to make another pair of feather ear wraps for myself.

Still reading. I am on the last volume of A Devil and Her Love Song.

I hope you all have been well and I will try to update again soon.

Some Thoughts On Chyna, Writing, And Other Stuff

My dad is home from the hospital. Please continue to pray for him.

The other day I got an email from the place where I submitted my poetry. It was a rejection. Now, I’m looking for the next place to submit writing.

I wrote a few poems last night. I haven’t been writing as much as I once was. I don’t know if it is the stress from what’s going on or what, but I’m sure it’s temporary. And it felt good to write a few poems. I always feel good after writing. I just want to be able to have time to write on my laptop. I hope to get back to writing on my laptop for at least a little bit every day. And I’m sure I will.

I finished Octodad: Dadliest Catch about a week ago. I’m still thinking about it. It is such a fun and original game. I plan on writing a post about it once I get the chance.

It still makes me sad to think Chyna is gone. I’ve read lots of tributes, lots of articles and some have even defended the way WWE has treated her, the way they’ve snubbed her over the years.

And I know Chyna had problems. I know she was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I’ve read her book so I know about her childhood and her relationship with her family. I also know what went on with the WWE, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. I’ve been into wrestling for years. I know the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. Wrestlers aren’t always treated well. Some rivalries are actually real. And some are pushed out for whatever reason. Not because they actually did anything, but because someone higher up wanted them out.

Chyna had her problems. She said things she shouldn’t have. But WWE is not some innocent victim. And I can’t understand anyone defending them for their treatment of Chyna and not putting her into the Hall of Fame. Some think it is because she has done pornography. I think that it could be a factor, but it would also be highly hypocritical of WWE if it is actually a factor in why they’ve snubbed her. A number of female wrestlers posed for Playboy while working for the WWE. And it was always highly celebrated by the WWE when one of their female wrestlers have posed for Playboy.

WWE may actually put Chyna into the Hall of Fame now, but I feel it’s too late. All she wanted was to be recognized for all she achieved. She really wanted that. And she wanted to patch things up with the WWE. Now that she has passed is when they want to recognize her and give her credit for all that she has done. I just don’t think it’s right. It makes me sad that they wouldn’t give that to her while she was alive.

I’m still waiting for some craft supplies to come in the mail. Once they do, I’m going to make a new bracelet to sell.

While I am typing this entry, I am listening to the Horror Show with Brian Keene. It is a free podcast and there is a new episode every week. I listened for the first time last week. I couldn’t listen before because my old laptop would have overheated. Really happy that I can listen now.

Besides all of that, I have just been working online. And searching for more ways to make money.

I admit to feeling some stress, but it hasn’t been that bad lately. I have actually been feeling pretty good and positive.

I think I’ll stop this post here and I will try to post again soon. I want to post about Octodad and some other stuff so I will try to soon.

Red and Black Feather Ear Wraps

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A while back I made myself a pair of these because my ears aren’t pierced. I figured these aren’t that common to see, so I decided to make a pair to sell on my online store. The ear wraps are silver and I used red and black feathers. These are great for people with non-pierced ears, but I’m sure people with pierced ears would probably love these as well.

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Turquoise and Dark Brown Dreamcatcher

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Another new item that I listed on Webstore recently. The hoop is 3-inches and it’s wrapped in turquoise and dark brown leather lace. White webbing with a silver feather charm in the center. It has blue and black feathers with silver beads.

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