The other day my mom went to a garage to get one of her headlights replaced. And I decided to go with because I knew the owner had cats there.

Took some pictures while I was there.


Grumpy Cat Actually Makes People Grumpy

I’m sure most of you know who Grumpy Cat is. Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tartar Sauce, became an internet celebrity in 2012.

I’m not going to say I am a huge fan of Grumpy Cat, but I think the pictures are funny and I really enjoyed the Christmas movie.

I think Grumpy Cat is cute and just really funny.

But over the past week, I’ve discovered Grumpy Cat actually makes people grumpy! And the grumpiness seems to simply come from the cat is famous and her owner is making money from the cat’s internet stardom.

I have no problem with the owner making money from the cat’s fame. After all, some of that money goes to take care of Tartar Sauce and her sibling named Pokey. The owner will now never have to worry about not having enough money and not being able to take care of her pets or herself. I personally think that is great thing and I wish everyone could have enough money to take care of themselves.

But the reality is a lot of people are poor. My family is struggling and has been struggling financially for years. However, I’m not mad at Grumpy Cat’s owner for now having money. And before her cat was famous, the woman was a waitress. And waitresses only make $2 something an hour. You can’t always count on tips either since there are people who don’t tip. I’m glad she doesn’t have to struggle anymore and I hope one day no one will ever have to struggle financially again.

And while I now know not everyone is happy with Grumpy Cat being famous, I am happy because she is really cute and the pictures are too funny.

What do you think of the Grumpy Cat craze?