What’s Going On And Animals

I am happy to say that the past few weeks my dad has had more business. It has still been tough; there still hasn’t been enough money to pay all the bills, but things have been a little bit better.

But, he’s still working at our house. All the garages around us cost over $1,000 a month just for rent. And he can’t afford that. So for now, he has had no other choice than do work here at our house. But, it’s not an official inspection garage and we could can never get it past as one because the garage really isn’t big enough for a mechanic’s garage. We would have to build a bigger garage out here for that, but that would cost money my parents don’t have.

So he has been taking on jobs out here and doing inspections. Since out here we wouldn’t be able to make it into an official inspection garage,  my dad worked out an agreement with a guy to put the stickers on vehicles that he inspects and my dad gives him some money for it. A while ago the guy retired and my dad had to find someone else. Luckily, he did and the guy agreed to take the same amount.

My mom has been driving the vehicles out to this other garage since my dad has been having some health problems. And today my mom told me the guy is telling her he wants more money for doing the inspections for them. The thing is, since they have to pay this guy for putting the sticker on the vehicles they only make $50 for inspections if the vehicles needs to have emissions done on it as well. If it only needs an inspection, they make just $20. If he starts wanting more, they’ll hardly be making anything and my mom told me they can’t charge the customers more or they will just go elsewhere.

My dad went to the guy’s garage, and he does know him personally, the guy agreed to do it for the amount that’s currently being paid. My mom is worried he is going to start charging them more. The guy doesn’t do much other than put the sticker on the vehicles and do the emissions tests, which is very easy to do. My dad checks out the vehicles before taking them out to him, and if anything is wrong, he fixes it before taking it out to get an inspection sticker.

I’m just praying the guy doesn’t start charging them more. But, I had a bad feeling about this guy since I went to his garage a few days ago with my mom.

I’d never been out there before, but I decided to go with her that day. The guy has a female cat out there and she has kittens. She has some that are almost grown and four that she gave birth to only a few days ago.

I have heard people say they you can tell what type of person someone is by how they treat animals. And this guy with the garage helped me learn that is true.

The cat he has out at his garage was just dropped off there one day by someone who didn’t want her anymore. So he took her in and has fed her. But, when she had her first litter of kittens, which wasn’t too long ago, all the kittens got eye and sinus infections. All of them still have them and the mother cat has a sinus infection. He won’t take them to the vet. And since they have had the infections so long, the kittens can’t see well. The one kitten can only see out one eye since the infection damaged the other eye.

When I was there the other day he laughed and said that they call that cat One Eye. I didn’t think it was funny because that could have been prevented.

Someone came for an inspection yesterday morning and so my mom took the car out to the garage once it was all checked out. When my mom got out there the guy told her one of the kittens were dead. What happened was when they were closing up and closing the last garage door, the kitten tried to run in before it closed and the door crushed the cat.

She told me and I was upset. I had held that kitten just the day before. She had another car to take out for inspection later that day and so I went with her again. There are two kittens left, ones that are almost grown. And of course, the four newborn kittens. We only saw one of the kittens and the other couldn’t be found. I think it must be somewhere mourning for its sibling that died. My mom said the same thing to the guy who owns the garage and he said he didn’t know that they mourned.

He does feed them and give them water, but beyond that, he won’t do anything else for the cats. He doesn’t want to have to pay any money for them to go to the vet. And he doesn’t really seem like he cares if they get hurt or killed.

I really hope that he won’t start charging my dad more, but I can definitely tell what type of person he is by not taking care of the mother cat and her kittens.

Do you believe you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals?


A Few Dreams

On Tuesday I had a pretty weird dream. In the dream my mom had found a turtle outside and she put it in the shoe box to bring it inside the house. She wanted to make a pet out of it and told me to put in the cage with Jem – that’s my female hamster – because they could be buddies.

I didn’t think it would work, but I tried it anyway and the turtle immediately went after Jem. I pushed it away from her, even though it wanted to bite me as well, but protecting Jem was the most important thing to me.

I don’t know how, but I got it back in the shoe box and when my mom came inside I told her we needed to put the turtle back outside. I told her it went after Jem and kept trying to bite me.

She put on a pair of leather gloves we have and grabbed the shoe box with the turtle in it. She went into the door, where the front door is – where it was in the dream, anyway. The house in my dream isn’t the one we live in – and was heading for the door. Also in the kitchen was Marc and my dad.

I guess the turtle decided it didn’t to leave the house so it grew wings and flew out of the box. Then it landed on her hand and kept looking at my dad like it wanted to fly on him. He started to yell “Help me, help me!” because it looked like it wanted to fly on him. After that the dream ended.

On Wednesday I had another dream, but it wasn’t about a turtle this time. I dreamed Vanilla Ice came to my house and in the dream he was my brother! I thought that was a pretty neat dream. I don’t think I’d mind having Vanilla Ice as a brother.

Has anyone else had any weird or interesting dreams lately?

Grumpy Cat Actually Makes People Grumpy

I’m sure most of you know who Grumpy Cat is. Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tartar Sauce, became an internet celebrity in 2012.

I’m not going to say I am a huge fan of Grumpy Cat, but I think the pictures are funny and I really enjoyed the Christmas movie.

I think Grumpy Cat is cute and just really funny.

But over the past week, I’ve discovered Grumpy Cat actually makes people grumpy! And the grumpiness seems to simply come from the cat is famous and her owner is making money from the cat’s internet stardom.

I have no problem with the owner making money from the cat’s fame. After all, some of that money goes to take care of Tartar Sauce and her sibling named Pokey. The owner will now never have to worry about not having enough money and not being able to take care of her pets or herself. I personally think that is great thing and I wish everyone could have enough money to take care of themselves.

But the reality is a lot of people are poor. My family is struggling and has been struggling financially for years. However, I’m not mad at Grumpy Cat’s owner for now having money. And before her cat was famous, the woman was a waitress. And waitresses only make $2 something an hour. You can’t always count on tips either since there are people who don’t tip. I’m glad she doesn’t have to struggle anymore and I hope one day no one will ever have to struggle financially again.

And while I now know not everyone is happy with Grumpy Cat being famous, I am happy because she is really cute and the pictures are too funny.

What do you think of the Grumpy Cat craze?

Positivity Week Day 2: My Pets

It’s day 2 of Positivity Week and today you are to post about your pets.

I have had pets all of my life. I love animals and I feel a real connection to them. Currently I have three hamsters. Sorry about the pictures of them not being new. I haven’t had time to take new pictures, but I’ll try to soon.


other 810


This is my female hamster named Jem. She is the youngest and so sweet. And a little hyper too. As I type this, I’m looking at her cage and see she is lifting her house. Haha 😀


Salem 005 small


This is Salem and he loves being held. He’ll let me hold him for a long time.


Luigi 009small


And this is Luigi. He’s always begging to get out to sit with me or Marc.

My hamsters are a positive presence in my life because they make me happy, make me laugh and love me unconditionally. Pets are amazing because of their unconditional love and always being there for their people.

And I want to share this article that I found. I think it is perfect for today’s topic in Positivity Week.

Saving Animals Saves People

Pets In Halloween Costumes

I was on Twitter last night and found pictures of pets in Halloween costumes. Some of them are so funny because of the animal’s expression. I’ll share a few of my favorites.

And this last one I thought was just too cute.

I’ve never dressed up any of my pets in costumes. I don’t think they’d allow it lol

Have you ever dressed up your pet for Halloween?


Leo 007small

Leo was a calm and sweet hamster. He wasn’t quite as hyper as the other hamsters and would often sit with me while I was on the computer.

He passed away a few days ago. We had him for over two years and he was just old. But I still miss him and so does Marc. I’m happy he was with us for two years, happy that he was in our lives. I love him very much and hope he is happy on the other side.