One Ok Rock Concert

The One Ok Rock concert was on July 10th. I know I’m pretty late posting the pictures and I’m sorry. Just been having to deal with stuff here.

The concert was amazing! So much fun. The last concert I had been to was in 2008 and that was to see the Spice Girls. The opening acts for One Ok Rock were Palisades and Set It Off. I really liked Palisades. I wasn’t really into Set It Off but they put on a good show.

One Ok Rock really puts on an amazing show. So much energy. It was awesome. And I was so happy I was able to experience this with Victor. It was a really great night.



The other day my mom went to a garage to get one of her headlights replaced. And I decided to go with because I knew the owner had cats there.

Took some pictures while I was there.

Say Hello To Shana!

I’m sure all of you remember that Luigi passed away in December. I wasn’t able to get another hamster because where I usually buy hamsters are in Lancaster and it’s not safe to drive our vehicle out-of-town.

The one pet store in my town sells Guinea Pigs, Mice and Rats. I asked the owner if he would be able to get me a hamster and he told me he would let me know. Friday last week he called and said he would have a hamster in for me on Monday.

The new hamster is a girl and she’s really small because she’s pretty young yet. I named her Shana after the one character from the Jem and the Holograms show.

Shana was scared at first, but once we got her home, she calmed down. She settled in quickly and in less than hour, she was already bugging us to get out consistently.

Shana is a sweet little hamster and everyone here loves her.




New Laptop

Marc has been planning to get me a new laptop for a while, but only told me around Valentines Day that he was going to get me one. He said it would have to┬ábe a late Valentines Day gift since he didn’t have all of the money saved up for it.

The laptop I was using was a Gateway laptop that was 10 or 11 years old. It was slow and would freeze different times while I was using it. But, it still works. It was my first laptop and I’m glad it has lasted all this time otherwise I wouldn’t have had anything to use to get online with.

My new laptop is an HP with windows 10 and it is red!



I already transferred all my pictures and other things to this new laptop. I already love it. It being fast and doesn’t freeze makes me happy.

Turquoise and Dark Brown Dreamcatcher

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Another new item that I listed on Webstore recently. The hoop is 3-inches and it’s wrapped in turquoise and dark brown leather lace. White webbing with a silver feather charm in the center. It has blue and black feathers with silver beads.

Find this item and others at: Tsalagi Dreams on Webstore

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