Been A While

I know it has been a while since I posted. I want you all to know I am doing okay. I’d like to post a real update on what’s been going on, but that will have to wait. And it will end up being a protected post.

I found out a few months ago that apparently, my uncle stalks me online to find out information about me. And he would have to do some hardcore research since I don’t even use my real last name online.

So I was toying with the notion of setting my blog to private. However, I don’t really want to do that. But I also don’t want my family knowing what’s going on with me. So I figured posts that aren’t really personal will be public and personal posts, what’s going on with me, etc, will be protected and only those who have a password can read it.

Many of you have been reading my blog for years. I know many of you care. I haven’t been trying to worry anyone by not updating. But like I said, I don’t want my family knowing what’s going on with me.

My family, not including my mom in this. I am talking family like aunts, uncles, siblings, etc. My family are not good people. They want to know what’s going on with me simply to gossip, spread untruths about me, and just to be able to say bad things about me. I’ve not done anything wrong. However, whatever information they find, they will somehow turn it into something bad.

It upsets me very much that my blog and my Twitter are no longer safe spaces for me.

I honestly feel that my family are very cruel. After what I have recently been through, they have only added more stress.

I just wanted to tell you all why I haven’t been posting. But when I can, I will write a protected blog. And for those of you who have my cell phone number or facebook, can also keep up with me that way.

Catching Up

Sorry, I haven’t been around to comment much. I liked everyone’s posts that I could find and did some commenting tonight.

You all know I’ve been busy with working online, trying to find other work online, writing and other stuff. I wanted to spend some time on here last night, but it just didn’t happen. I’ve been having sleep problems and some days I just can’t sleep so I end up usually only getting a few hours of sleep.

I ended up falling asleep for more than hour last night while I was still doing some work and trying to spend a bit of time on here.

Today since I have had time, I decided to do some catching up by liking and commenting on posts.

Also, I’m sorry I haven’t posted much for Native American Heritage Month. If I get the chance, I’ll try to write a few more posts before the month is over. I have posted a lot on my Twitter, though.

I hope you all are enjoying Positivity Week 🙂

Still Around

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately. I’ve been a bit busy, but hope to blog some more soon.

Christmas will be here soon. I’ve finished my shopping, except for maybe a few small gifts for stocking stuffers. But besides that the gifts are all bought and I’m just waiting on a few items I ordered from Amazon as gifts for Marc. I’ll wrap them when they come in the mail.

I really love this time of year and Christmas. I think it is just a really cheerful time of year. I love seeing the decorations and the Christmas movies on TV. After Halloween, Christmas is my second favorite holiday.

I have a few ideas for some blogs and I’ll try to write them soon.

How has everyone been? Read anything good lately? Seen over good movies? I’ll be going to see The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies on the 21st (it is Marc’s birthday) and I can’t wait.

This Time Last Year

This time last year, I was still blogging daily on Xanga and the Xanga Team’s announcement had not happened yet. Xanga was still Xanga, and when I think back to that time, I don’t believe any of us regular Xanga users had any clues about the change that was going to happen. Whenever the Xanga Team updated, they never let us know the website was in a bad state. I’m sure most users knew that Xanga didn’t get the traffic it used to, and that it definitely was not the popular blogging website it once was, but I believe we thought everything was okay. The Xanga Team didn’t lead us to believe otherwise. We only found out when the announcement happened.

And looking back to March of last year, I never thought that WordPress would be where I blogged regular. A lot can change in a year.

And here, a year later, I am blogging on WordPress regular, and honestly don’t visit Xanga much. It’s a big change because Xanga was the first website I would visit every day. I do miss it though, the old Xanga. And next year, around this time, will Xanga still even be around? I don’t know.

I think I’m happier this year, though. I feel I can be myself on here and I lost that on Xanga in 2012.

Those of you who were Xanga regulars, this time last year did you have any idea the Xanga Team would announce what they did? Did you think Xanga was really that bad off?


200 Posts And 200 Followers

WordPress notified me that yesterday I had reached 200 posts and 200 followers! I guess to celebrate I’ll write a bit about myself (for those who are new to my blog) and how I came to be on WordPress.

Well, where to start? My real name is Eden. I live in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. I was born in Pennsylvania and spent the first 10 years of my life living in Hershey. In Hershey, my family and I lived in a farm-house that was over 200 years old. It wasn’t in the best condition due to the landlord not taking care of it, but it was a large house and I have some good memories of living there. Hershey is also a nice place and I miss living there. The town I currently live in is. . . Well, it’s okay.

I first began writing when I was 12. The first thing I ever wrote was a poem. After that, I began writing songs. When I was 13 or 14, I read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and I was inspired to write my own book. That was when my dreams of being an author happened. A few years later, after being told my writing was horrible and I’d never be a writer, I stopped writing.

In 2009 I began to write again after reading Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. Diana and her book inspired me to write again and not let anyone stop me from pursuing my dream. So, I have continued to write. I am writing a fantasy trilogy, I have submitted poetry to magazines and a few of my poems were even accepted into an online magazine called Three Line Poetry. Writing is my passion and what I love.

I am a person of a mixed heritage. I am Cherokee, Welsh and German. I know I don’t look Native. It was something I struggled with in my teens. I didn’t want to look white because what history books, the media and people taught me was that white was evil, white was bad and if you had white skin you were automatically racist.

People still say stuff to me sometimes now, but I know my heritage, I know who and what I am. Whether I look Native or not, I am still Cherokee. I am proud to be Cherokee, and also Welsh, and German. I am just proud to be a mixed person and I think it gives me a unique perspective on things and life.

And as far as the issue goes with being told I am not Indian, I think Wilma Mankiller said it best. I’ll share one of my favorite quotes by her.

“An Indian is an Indian regardless of the degree of Indian blood or which little government card they do or do not possess.”

I am a huge Spice Girls fan. I have been ever since I was 7. They are my role models, they have been positive influences in my life and have taught me so much. I’ll never be ashamed to say I am a fan.

I also love to read. I read every day. And I love playing video games.

I have a boyfriend who I’ve been with for over 8 years. He’s been there for me ever since we first met online and I can’t imagine not having him in my life.

And I have hamsters, who are truly wonderful little animals. I could probably say more about myself, but I will stop here.

And I guess in order to explain how I came to be on Wordpres, I should explain how I got into blogging.

I first began blogging on Xanga in 2005. A friend had blogged on there and wanted me to start my own blog, so I did. I blogged on there somewhat, but didn’t get real into blogging until late 2008. Beginning January 2009, I began to go onto Xanga every day and started to make friends.

Xanga became my online home and I made many wonderful friends on there. I had planned on never leaving Xanga because I was so happy there, but I did check out other blogging websites to see what they were like. I tried LiveJournal, Blogger, Open Diary, and finally, WordPress.

I opened my WordPress account in 2011. I blogged here and there, but never on a regular basis. Xanga, after all, was my blogging home and where I felt I could be me.

That changed in 2012 though. I was attacked by another blogger after writing about my experiences with racism. It was a hard blog for me to write, since the only person I ever shared those experiences with was my boyfriend. And to be attacked for it was just too much for me. I felt I couldn’t be myself on there anymore and so I came to WordPress to be able to express myself. I still blogged on Xanga regularly, but I was careful what I wrote and shared on there.

My full transition to WordPress happened last year. Xanga announced that it would either close or go to pay to blog. Xanga did go to pay to blog, but I decided to stick with blogging regularly on WordPress. It was a new beginning for me and with that new beginning, I decided I would not to afraid to blog about what I want. And if I am attacked, or someone starts saying rude or mean things, I would not put up with it.

I have had a few problems on WordPress, but I’ve dealt with it. And I’ve not actually had problems with anyone who had a WordPress account. It’s only been those who are passing through and commenting anonymously.

But WordPress is really nice and I haven’t seen any drama on here like there was on the old Xanga.

I’m happy that a lot of Xangans came here and I can still read their posts. And I’m happy to have found some new blogs to read on WordPress as well.

WordPress is my blogging home now, and where I feel safe to be me.

Thank you all who have read my blog for years and those who have just started. I plan to write many, many more posts on here. Thank you to everyone who has followed me. I hope you all continue to enjoy my posts.

So Long, Open Diary

Another old-time blogging site is gone. And I know Xanga isn’t gone, but it feels like it. Xanga just isn’t the same anymore.

Anyway, Open Diary launched in 1998 and was created by Bruce Ableson and has been considered the first blogging community.

I wasn’t a user of Open Diary as long as I was of Xanga. I only started a blog on Open Diary in 2010, I believe and it was just to try it out. I found that Open Diary felt the most like Xanga, it had that community feel that us Xangans love so much.

When the Xanga Team first announced their plans to shut down or go to pay to blog, my original plans were to begin my blogging on Open Diary once Xanga shut down or started to require payment to blog.

Many people from Xanga came to WordPress and I already had a blog on here that I used some, mainly to blog about things I felt I could no longer share on Xanga. So, I decided to begin blogging here regularly, both as a new start and because a lot of people I read on Xanga came here and I wanted to continue to read their posts.

I found out that my decisions to blog on WordPress regularly was a good thing. Open Diary shut down on February 7th and I only learned so after the fact. There was no e-mail or anything. The only users that knew about it were the ones that signed in on a regular basis. I didn’t log in all that often on Open Diary, but I did visit maybe once a month. Sometimes more often, sometimes less often. I still visited though and wrote posts on there sometimes. And because of never being notified by e-mail, I didn’t get to download my blog entries on there.

The creator announced in late January Open Diary was shutting down. He told the users they had 2 weeks to download their entries. 10 days later the website was shut down. So, I, among other users, visited the website and found it was gone.

It makes me sad because I did like Open Diary, it was one of the old-time blog sites still around and it was shut down just like that. And Xanga while still around, just isn’t Xanga anymore.

But at least I decided not to blog on Open Diary on a regular basis after Xanga switched to pay to blog. If I did, I would have ended up having to find another blogging home anyway. I’m glad to be on WordPress, but it’s sad to see Open Diary is gone and that Xanga isn’t what it once was.

Did you know Open Diary shut down? Do you miss the old Xanga? Are there any websites you liked, but have shut down?

2013 & The New Year

As with all years, 2013 had its good and bad moments. The bad moments were to do with my family’s financial situation. There have really been some stressful times this year and actually, this year was worse than last year. However, we had some blessings and I am thankful.

But instead of focusing on the bad, I want to focus on the good.

This year I saw Brian Keene two times. Also met Mary SanGiovanni.

Met the very nice people at Stone Haven, where I had attend meetings when I can.

I got back into reading The Last Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney, having read books 2 to 12 this year. The experience has been great.

Marc and I celebrated 8 years together this year.

I had a stand at a Holiday Bazaar this year. It was the first time I ever had a stand for my items and although I didn’t make as much as I thought I would, it was still exciting.

Even though I’ve been registered with Swagbucks since 2008 or 2009, I never really used the website much until this year. But I am very thankful for it, as using it helped me to buy Christmas gifts and other things I needed.

This year we got high-speed internet, which helps me to do things online faster. However, I am still thankful for AOL Dialup, which my family has had since 2000. Sure, it was slow, but dependable and whenever we did have a problem, AOL was always helpful and helped to fix the problem.

I saw The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug after it came out. I haven’t gotten the chance to write a post yet, but I will.

I read 193 books this year, 11 more than I read last year.

I submitted some of my writing. None of it was accepted, but I did get a positive rejection that was very encouraging.

I’m thankful for all the sales I made this year.

And I am sure there is a lot more I could add, but I can’t think of anything right now.

Melanie B released a new song and so did Geri Halliwell.

Went to the Muddy Run Powwow again this year and it was great.

Before writing about what I hope for the new year, I’ll write a bit about some of the changes of this year.

Scott moved in this year, which has been both good and bad. I won’t really get into it, but I just hope that over time Scott will change.

For me, one of the biggest changes was moving my blogging from Xanga to here. I believe I’ve had this blog since 2011, but didn’t blog on it too much. I started blogging on here more in 2012 after being attacked on Xanga, but still kept blogging daily on Xanga. Then, of course this year we got the news Xanga was either going to shut down or pay to blog. And as you all know, it went to pay to blog.

Xanga was once a very unique blogging site. Some people say features and such were outdated, but they had things other blogging websites never had. Pulses were fun, BlogRings were cool and a great way to find new people. Xanga had its negatives, there were some bloggers on there that won’t so nice. However, I met a lot of wonderful people on there.

But the Xanga today is not the Xanga I used to blog daily on. If people thought the community was small before, it is even smaller now due to having to pay to be able to blog. I don’t know what will happen with the new Xanga, I don’t know if it will last. I just know I have my memories and all my blogs from there, I’m still in contact with the people I met from there.

It was a big change, but I think it was needed. I really enjoy WordPress now and I’m really glad to see some of the people from Xanga on here as well.

Another website I use (well, I did until near the end of November) is Getglue. You check into tv shows, movies, music and more much and get stickers. Every month you could order a set of 20 physical stickers. This was the users payment for Getglue using our data to let tv and movie companies know what people were checking into. So, Getglue gets paid from using our data and in return, our payment was physical stickers. I was collecting The Walking Dead stickers and other ones. Well, in early November, the company was sold and then in late November it was announced physical stickers were done and instead, we get animated digital stickers. There has been a lot of backlash over Getglue doing this, but they don’t care and won’t bring back the physical stickers. After using Getglue for more than 2 years, collecting stickers that I wanted to physically own, I haven’t used the website in more than a month due to their decision. And I will continue to not use their website as long as they ignore their users and don’t give us the physical stickers.

Goodreads, another website that I use daily, was sold to Amazon this year. The reaction wasn’t good and has been worse since they have deleted some reviews of books that was considered to be bashing the author. I’m still using Goodreads and maybe in another post eventually I will explain my opinion on what has been going on.

Another change is I got a new cell phone this year. I had the same cell phone for 7 or 8 years and it was starting to act a bit funny. I really like the new cell phone I got and I’m happy with it. I just wish I could have my Spice Girls ringtones back.

And for the New Year. . .

Next year I want to submit more writing and hopefully be accepted by more places.

I hope that next year, I will have many more sales with my online store.

I hope to reach a total of 200 books read for next year.

I’m looking forward to the last Hobbit movie.

I’m looking forward to the final The Last Apprentice book, but also sad that it will be over.

A new book by Diana Wynne Jones will be out next year in April. Most of it was finished before her death, but not all. Her sister, Ursula Jones, finished the rest and now it is being released. Next year in March will 3 years since Diana died and I thought after Earwig and the Witch we would never get another book from her.

I hope to see Brian Keene again next year.

Looking forward to going to the Muddy Run Powwow again.

I hope to visit Gettysburg more often next year.

I want to write more and finish books I’ve been working on.

And there is probably lots more I could list. I will finish this by say that I hope to have a good year, one filled with abundance and happiness. I hope you all will have a great New Year too 🙂

Small Update

Sorry that I disappeared after Christmas. I was planning on posting pictures of what I got and had some other posts in mind. But the day after Christmas I got sick. I’m starting to get better, but just haven’t felt like blogging and I haven’t even been on here to read anyone’s posts.

When I’m better, I’ll be on here more and post pictures of what I got for Christmas. Later today I’m going to update my list of books I’ve read this year.

I hope everyone else has been okay and hasn’t been sick.

Positivity Week Day 1: Me

It’s day one of positivity week and today you are supposed to write about yourself. Something positive, something you love about yourself or a small bio.

A few things that I love about myself are that I love to laugh. Laughter is really the best medicine and I enjoy having a good laugh. That I care about others, that I do my best to put myself in another’s shoes and understand what they’ve been through/where they are coming from.  That I love animals and care about them. That I love to write and read.

A few positive things (I suppose the above can be counted as positive as well, but I’ll list a few things) : Being thankful for everything, doing what I can to help others, being there for people when they need someone.


Positivity Week

It’s that time of year again; time for Positivity Week! I started this on Xanga in 2010. This is the fourth year and I’ve decided to continue it on here.

Positivity Week runs for 7 days. Each day there is something new to write about. The whole point of Positivity Week is to get you focusing on the positive instead of the negative. Hopefully by the end of the 7 days, you will be feeling a lot more positive!

Here is what you will be writing about each day:

Day 1: Yourself

Day 1 is simple. Write about yourself, write a small biography or whatever you want to do, but it has to be positive about yourself.

Sometimes it’s hard to not feel bad about yourself. We live in a world that seems to constantly be judging. I’m not here to judge, but just to say write something positive about yourself, something you love about yourself. You can even write about your flaws and why you feel they may be positive for whatever reason.

Day 2: Looking To The Future

Focusing too much on the past or future is never a good thing. However, it is good to visualize what you want in life, what you want to achieve, something you want to happen even if it is just a simple vacation. For this day, let’s look to the future for a few minutes and share what good, positive things we want in the future.

It can be achieving your dream, buying a new house at a good price or even something you are really looking forward to next year.

Day 3: A Step Into The Past

This day we will visit the past for a little bit and find something positive. It can be an event such as a concert, going on a trip, spending the day with someone you love, someone (famous or someone you know) that was a positive influence on you as a child.

Day 4: Best of 2013

What is some of the best times you’ve had this year? What are some of your happiest moments of 2013? Feel free to post pictures on this day if you have any and you can share more than one thing.

Day 5: Your Impact

What positive impact (or impacts) do you hope to leave behind when you go? Do you hope what positive impacts you leave behind will change the world for the better?

Day 6: Something Funny

Share what makes you laugh. And I mean, really laugh to the point where your face hurts, your stomach hurts and you’re crying. There is nothing better than a good laugh.

Day 7: Those Who Are No Longer With Us

This last day is to remember someone (person or even an animal), that in some way had a positive impact on you. It can be more than one person and not even someone you were very close to or knew very long. As long as they somehow had a positive impact on you, share it here.

Positivity Week begins November 11th and goes until November 17th. If you wish to join, just says so in the comments and I will look for your posts when the week begins. I will read them and like the post. I won’t be making a list of all the posts this year as I don’t think I will have time to do it. What I will do is those who decide to join, I will post the link to your blog in a reminder post and that way it make be easier for everyone to read each others posts. I will make a reminder post either a day or two before Positivity Week begins.

Hope to see all of you join and I will be looking forward to reading your posts.