The other day my mom went to a garage to get one of her headlights replaced. And I decided to go with because I knew the owner had cats there.

Took some pictures while I was there.


For Jem


Jem was my second oldest hamster. She passed away last week.

She had gotten wet tail and I had her on medicine, but she didn’t get better.

It was very sudden. She had come out of her house and looked over at me. She had actually looked like she was getting better. Then I looked over again only a minute later and she was laying on the bottom of her cage dying.

I miss her….I wish I could have done more.

I just hope she knows that I love her and is okay where she is now.

Say Hello To Shana!

I’m sure all of you remember that Luigi passed away in December. I wasn’t able to get another hamster because where I usually buy hamsters are in Lancaster and it’s not safe to drive our vehicle out-of-town.

The one pet store in my town sells Guinea Pigs, Mice and Rats. I asked the owner if he would be able to get me a hamster and he told me he would let me know. Friday last week he called and said he would have a hamster in for me on Monday.

The new hamster is a girl and she’s really small because she’s pretty young yet. I named her Shana after the one character from the Jem and the Holograms show.

Shana was scared at first, but once we got her home, she calmed down. She settled in quickly and in less than hour, she was already bugging us to get out consistently.

Shana is a sweet little hamster and everyone here loves her.




Sickness, Crafts, And Other Stuff

I haven’t posted since the 1st. I’m sorry about that. I do get busy and sometimes I just can’t find the time to blog, but I did plan on writing more posts and being busy didn’t keep me away. What kept me away was I’ve been sick. I am finally starting to feel better, which is why I decided to post something.

The past number of days I’ve been doing my work online and spending some time on Twitter. But to be honest, I didn’t even really feel like doing that. But, I did it because I need money for stuff and on Twitter I’m still trying to get a big following.

I am definitely feeling better. I have just been miserable. I hate being sick. I haven’t been writing or even reading much because of being sick.

But, before I got sick, I was writing nearly every day. Even if I didn’t get time to pull out my writing laptop, I had my notepad and usually wrote down some poems that would just suddenly come to me. I haven’t even done that because when you’re sick it’s hard to focus and think. Once I’m better, I will get back to writing.

Also, the last weekend of February my crafts were in a local market in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. I didn’t let myself get overly excited. I let that happen a few years when I did a craft show and I was greatly disappointed.

My brother Ricky – I think I mentioned a while back his wife left him – has a girlfriend now and she had a stand at that market in Mount Joy. She offered to set up my crafts there to try to help me out. The market was open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I ended up selling one Dreamcatcher. They told me people were complaining and saying my Dreamcatchers were overpriced.

My mom told me not to let it bother me, but I’ll admit that it did bother me a bit. I love the crafts I make and I work hard on them. I try to get the best materials so they are made well. I can’t sell my Dreamcatchers for only a few dollars like the factory-made ones sell for. The supplies I buy aren’t exactly cheap. I make crafts because I love doing it and because I want to make money from it. However, I do try to price my items reasonably.

When I was at a Powwow a few years back I saw a three-inch Dreamcatcher there. It was nice-looking, but it was made of all the same supplies I use. I looked at the price on it and it was $100. I do not charge that much for my three-inch Dreamcatchers. I usually charge around $8-$10, it all depends on what I put on the webbing.

I suppose when people saw my Dreamcatchers at the market they were comparing the prices to factory-made ones, which are really cheap to buy. But, I’ve researched prices at Powwows and even online. My prices are either the same as other handmade Dreamcatchers, or a lot of times even lower.

So, I just relisted all the items on Webstore, except for the one that did sell. I’ve got a few new items I need to list. I’ve just got to take pictures of them yet. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do that this week.

Oh, and I need to share this picture:

This is a Pygmy Possum. Isn’t it cute? I’ve never seen one before, but someone posted this picture on Twitter.

I will do my best to write more posts soon. I do have things I want to blog about and I also need to update my reading list. Hopefully, I will get time for that sometime this week.