First Vice President of Color

History was made this election. The first openly transgender woman was elected as a Senator, the first Muslim lawmaker in the history of Colorado, and a record-breaking 6 Natives were elected to Congress.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made history when it was announced they won the election. Joe Biden has the most votes for President in the history of the United States.

And of course, Kamala Harris made history. At first, it was mistakenly reported Kamala Harris was the first Vice President of color. She is the first female Vice President of color. Which is amazing, and I absolutely loved her speech.

While it is still Native American Heritage Month and with all the firsts this election, I want to tell you all about a first in 1929.

Born January 25, 1860, Charles Curtis was a Republican politician from Kansas.

His mother was Kaw, Osage, Potawatomi, and French. His father was English, Scots, and Welsh.

Curtis was a member of Kaw Nation. His first words were in French and Kansa, both languages he learned from his mother. His mother passed away when he was only 3 years old, and he was cared for by his maternal grandparents.

He learned to love racing horses and was even a successful jockey.

Curtis was influenced by both sets of grandparents. He had lived on the reservation with his maternal grandparents and later lived in the city of Topeka with his paternal grandparents while attending high school.

Later, he became an attorney.

He was first elected in the House of Representatives in 1893 and was re-elected for 6 terms.
Curtis was also a Senator and he had Presidential aspirations. He only won 64 votes Presidential ballot at the Republican National Convention in 1928. The winner was Herbert Hoover. Curtis was not a fan of Herbert Hoover and was even involved in an anti-Hoover movement. However, he was accepting of the Vice President Nomination.

Curtis and Hoover won a landslide victory in 1928. History was made that election day, too. Charles Curtis was the first Vice President of color, the first person with Native American ancestry to be elected Vice President. To this day, Curtis is the highest-ranking enrolled Native American to serve in the federal government.

I hope to one day see a Native President. And with all the firsts this election, I definitely think that is possible.

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