First Day of Fall

It is officially the first day of Fall. It’s been cooler here recently. Over the weekend temperatures will go up in the 90s again.

It’s just how Texas is, I suppose. It can get cold, but not Pennsylvania cold.

I am already in spooky season mode. I’ve been watching horror movies, though some of them weren’t great. I’m borrowing some horror and true ghost story books from the library. I also bought a book, which arrived in the mail yesterday.

It contains both books, only the first of which I’ve read. Mary: The Summoning is the first book and I read that in 2015. It was such a good book and actually scared me. It surprised me; I’ve read lots of horror books, and that’s the only one that has ever scared me. I’m looking forward to reading the second book.

Victor and I put up a Halloween tree. We also decorated our window. I’ll have to share pictures when I can. I think it looks great.

I am so ready for Halloween. Does anyone have plans for Halloween?

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