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The past few nights I’ve been watching The Lord of the Rings movies. When the Fellowship of the Ring first came out I didn’t think I would like it. But, my mom wanted to go see the movie so we went. I ended up liking it so much that I bugged my mom to take me to see it again. We also saw The Two Towers and Return of the King when they both were released. I have such good memories of these movies and I never tire of watching them. Tolkien, I think, created something quite special when he wrote The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

A few of you know DirecTV was shut off. My family just hasn’t had the money to pay for it. We’re being charged $120 a month and we usually only watch about 20 channels a month. My mom has called the numerous to try to get bill lowered, but all the packages they are willing to put it us on that are cheaper will get rid of channels that we watch. My mom is always told that there is no other way to lower our bill unless we switch to a cheaper package. However, I’ve researched TV companies online a lot these past few weeks. And even in the past, I’ve heard from so many people that all you’ve got to do is call them and they will be willing to lower your bill without making you switch to another package. Even all the reviews I’ve read for DirecTV have said the same. We’ve been with them for 11 years and they aren’t willing to lower our bill unless we switch to a cheaper package which would eliminate channels we watch while keeping ones we don’t watch. I have no idea how some people are able to get their monthly bills lowered so easily.

So until we can get TV again, I’ve been watching DVDs and watching YouTube through my Wii U.

Scott also has not moved out. He is, however, staying at his parents and trying to avoid, while also avoiding paying his room-and-board as well as his cell phone bill. He’s on my mom’s cell phone plan. I don’t know what’s going to happen with him. I just know he hasn’t moved out. All of his stuff is still here.

Today my mom and I will be eating at a local church in our town. They do a community meal which everyone is supposedly welcome to come. We started going there last year simply because we had to find ways to get food. Even with the food stamps we have still been going because it helps. It also gets us out of the house one night a week. And besides the meal, they have food you can take home. A guy named Joe brings it in because he wants to sure people who need food get it. He’s a very kind and caring person. I wish I could say everyone at the church was like that. Except for Joe, we’ve been treated horribly by many people at that church. The one woman who runs the Celebrate Recovery – it is a group like AAA, but for more than just addiction to alcohol

Except for Joe, we’ve been treated horribly by many people at that church. The woman who runs the Celebrate Recovery – it is a group like AAA, but for more than just addiction to alcohol – has just terrible.

We used to bring a meal home for my dad from there. Because of his health problems, it’s not the easiest for him to go out at this point so we would bring his meal home. The one night my mom had the woman, her name is Joy, for plastic wrap for the dessert she was bringing home for my dad. Joy told my mom she would have to ask one of the people in the kitchen. Joy  then persuaded to the table in front of me and bashed my mom to the people sitting there about wanting plastic wrap.

They also tell everyone they are allowed to take food home from the meal. Whenever we ask to take some food home we’re told they aren’t letting people take it home yet. Then right after us, someone else will ask about taking food home and they will give them a to-go box of food.

I’ve also been drinking hot tea because besides that, all they have to drink is water and coffee. I don’t like coffee and I don’t always just want water. Since I’ve been drinking hot tea, they won’t put out hot water anymore. And since my mom drinks coffee, they won’t put out cream or sugar anymore. Not to mention, they’ve also been trying to stop Joe from giving people food.

The people there just aren’t very nice. They have made it very clear they don’t like me or my mom and would prefer us not to come. And I have no idea why. We’ve never done anything to them and we’ve always been nice. I don’t know why they are so hateful.

I haven’t been writing as much as I was before. I have written some poetry, but I’m still stuck on that chapter of my book. Honestly, I think it is just the stress. I have been feeling more positive so I’m going to try to continue writing my book again.

I also submitted some of my poetry to an online magazine. I should know in about 45 days whether or not some of my poetry.


I was finally able to borrow volumes 22, 23 and 24 of The Walking Dead graphic novels from my library. I’m not going to spoil anything, but I’m not happy with Carl.

We’re still stuck in town because we’ve only got one vehicle and it’s not reliable. My mom has tried to get David here to fix it – he’s my one half-brother from my dad’s first marriage. He came here on Saturday four weeks in a row. He’ll talk to my parents for a long, work on the vehicle a bit, and leave with nothing fixed on the vehicle. The truth of it is, he doesn’t want to fix our vehicle. He doesn’t want to help us at all. David, as well as Dan – another half-brother from my dad’s first marriage – are both very well off and could help us if they wanted to.

David makes more than $80,000 a year. Dan makes more $125,000 a year because he works as a house parent for Hershey’s school. And Hershey gave him and his family a house to live in, they pay for food and everything else they need. The only thing Dan needs to pay for is their cell phone bills and car insurance. They know how much we’re struggling and just refuse to help.

I ordered some craft supplies from eBay. Once they come in the mail, I’m making another bracelet to sell. I love buying craft supplies from eBay. The prices on there are great.

I’ve been playing Octodad: Dadliest Catch on the Wii U. It is such a fun and silly game. I watched Markiplier and CupQuake both play it on YouTube. It made me want to get it to play, but I thought it was only on PC. I was happy to find I could get it on the Wii U. I’d recommend checking out the videos. They are fun to watch, but if cursing bothers you I’d recommend just watching CupQuake’s videos. Markiplier does curse, especially when a game is making him mad. He enjoyed Octodad, but the controls are very unique and can be a bit challenging. Markiplier had a hard time at different parts in the game and he kind of went into a bit of a rage lol.

I got a bit frustrated with the controls at one part, but not like Markiplier lol.

This is Octodad. Isn’t he cute? 🙂

I probably ought to stop the post here. It is pretty long. But, I will let you all know if any of my poetry gets accepted. I hope you all have been well.


9 responses to “Movies, Writing, Life and Other Things

  1. I know what you mean about the cost of TV. A few years before Anne died we had to turn off our subscription to Dish network because of the cost factor. With our medical bills, plus the normal household expenses we had to cut things out. We got Dish when you had to buy all of the equipment, so I own everything. What we did was to get the over the air converter boxes because the age of our TV’s. I get most of the local channels. But when the atmospheric conditions are favorable I can pick up other stations that are farther away. Mostly I watch DVD’s and VHS tapes. Also, I have a basic subscription to NetFlix that cost me $8.47 a month. We also get videos from the library. I own a very large collection of audio and video stuff. In audio I have vinyl (78‘s, 45’s, 33’s), CD, cassette, (music and books), 8track, and mp3. In video I have VHS, DVD, and mp4. I started collecting this stuff when I was a preteen and inherited some from my family. It would take me years to play everything I own without ever playing the same thing twice. Having this large of a collection can sometimes be hard to decide what I want to watch or listen too.
    Sorry, to hear that Scott is causing you all problems. I don’t really have any answers on how to deal with him. The only thing that might wake him up is to turn off his cell phone.
    I don’t understand how a Christian church can treat people the way they are treating you. I know if it was me being treated that way I would lose it and tell them how Unchristian they are acting, and ask them if they think this is what Jesus would do! I really don’t like people who think they are holier-than-thou! This is why I don’t believe in going to church or having anything to do with organized religions. Too many holier-than-thou people have the run of the church and are always looking down on those that need help. My church is wherever I’m at! I have made my peace with the world and have become one with it! I did have some talks with religious leaders in the past and found that their answers did not satisfy my questions or beliefs. A subject that would take hours (if not even days) to talk about.
    You will always be in my prayers!
    Yigaquu osaniyu adanvto adadoligi nigohilvi nasquv utloyasdi nihi.
    (May the Great Spirit’s Blessings Always Be with You.)


    • I have been looking into streaming services, but I’m with Comcast for the internet and I have been reading about them wanting to cap it. Which means it won’t be unlimited unless you pay $30 extra a month. I’m not sure if they are doing the capping here in Pennsylvania, though. I’m going to have to look into it.

      My mom said that if he does move out, she will get his cell phone shut off. My mom thinks he is avoiding us because he’s back to drinking again. And it’s not good when he drinks.

      My mom isn’t happy with how we’ve been being treated. She is only holding back because at this point we still need to go there for food. It really helps.

      Joe, the guy who gets the food, is a good person. We have thanked him and I am grateful for all that he does. The food he brings weekly has really helped us this past year.

      But I don’t understand how they could treat us that way either. They are definitely not following in the footsteps of Jesus.

      And that’s how I feel, my church is wherever I am. I was raised Catholic and although there are things I do like about the Catholic church, I don’t claim the religion. I have no religion. I just believe in the Great Spirit and Jesus and that’s it. And I’m happy that way.

      You are always in my prayers as well. I hope you are doing good.


  2. Wow. 😦 Sorry for the way those people treat you and your Mom. 😦
    I know all religious groups are NOT like that…but, sadly, some are. 😦
    I’m glad there are other ways (than just TV) to watch good programs these days.
    That game sounds fun! 🙂
    And cool on TWD graphic novels! 🙂
    Keep us updated on your poetry submissions! 🙂
    ❤ and (((HUGS)))


  3. Since you have internet service, I am assuming that you maybe have wifi in your home? If not I think you can get a Roku that you can hook up to the net with the cable, wire, whatever. There is a service called Sling TV that you can get over a Roku for only $20 a month. You get around 20+ channels in that package. Might want to check that out. Also Netflix or Hulu are great choices. My Family and I spend most of our time on Netflix when we are not watching something from our outdoor antenna, local programming. We also find a lot of stuff over the Roku.


    • I have been looking into streaming services, but I’m with Comcast for the internet and I know in some states they have been capping their internet. If that were to happen here, I know with the streaming services we would go over the limit we’re allowed with the internet and have to pay more for unlimited.

      If I could go with another internet service, I would. But in my area, it’s either Comcast or CenturyLink. And I’ve heard not such good things about CenturyLink internet.


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