New Laptop

Marc has been planning to get me a new laptop for a while, but only told me around Valentines Day that he was going to get me one. He said it would have to be a late Valentines Day gift since he didn’t have all of the money saved up for it.

The laptop I was using was a Gateway laptop that was 10 or 11 years old. It was slow and would freeze different times while I was using it. But, it still works. It was my first laptop and I’m glad it has lasted all this time otherwise I wouldn’t have had anything to use to get online with.

My new laptop is an HP with windows 10 and it is red!



I already transferred all my pictures and other things to this new laptop. I already love it. It being fast and doesn’t freeze makes me happy.


13 responses to “New Laptop

    • I’m actually looking into streaming devices so we can watch movies and shows on the tv. The work I do online is much easier now though since I don’t have to deal with a slow laptop anymore.


  1. Wonderful!! My laptop is also dying a slow death and I really need to get another one. I have a Mac. I love the red color! Let me know how you like it 🙂


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