Some Updates

I haven’t gotten a chance to make the posts I’ve been wanting to write. I’ve had a busy week and haven’t even had much of a chance to work on my books or write poetry.

I’ve been feeling pretty good, feeling positive. And on Friday, my family finally got approved for food stamps. We’ve been trying for a long time to get them but have continuously been denied. We finally got them so it will be a big help as far as getting food goes. Friday was a good day. I was feeling relieved and definitely less stressed. I thought that finally good things were happening.

And I’m sure you all know remember the post from January about Scott moving out. He never did and partially paid his room-and-board for February. He was in North Carolina for a little more than two weeks seeing his cousin/girlfriend and promised to pay the rest when he came back.

He came back on Tuesday and on Friday packed some clothes because he was going to stay at his parents house for the weekend. Saturday afternoon, once again, he sent a text to my mom saying he will be moving out by the end of February.

He’s still saying he is moving into the firehouse for training, which he said starts at the end of this month and then said it starts on the 23rd. Training for fire volunteers started in the beginning of February and it is only on Mondays.

We don’t know if Scott is truly moving out or not. He lies all the time and plays head games. It is possible he is doing this to just try to scare us. Or he could actually move out. You never know with him.

And if he does move out, I don’t know who he’d be moving in with. He’s burned his bridges around here and has no friends. I’ve only told you all a little bit of the stuff Scott does. But I could write a whole book or two of the horrible things he has done to people.

My mom is a caring person. She has been like a mother to Scott and it is because she saw the potential in him to change and be good. I believe everyone has the potential to be good, but not everyone wants to be. You’ve got free will and make your choice on who you want to be. This is the type of person Scott wants to be and because of that, he’s lost all his friends. Including us.

I am stressed out. I am worrying. I feel a heaviness in my chest from emotional hurt. Maybe I am too sensitive. I don’t know. I just can’t understand someone being this heartless, especially to people who have been there for them in times of need.

I’ll keep you all updated on what’s going on. I hope to eventually have a bunch of good news to share. And I will try to write the posts soon I have been wanting to write.

I just want to thank you all for reading my posts and being there for me. You’re all wonderful.


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