Internet Friends Day

Through Twitter, I found out today is Internet Friends Day.

And it has made me think about all of you. I have met all of you through the internet, so technically, we are internet friends. But, I’d rather put it that you are all people I have met through the internet who have become my friends.

I don’t think you need to have met in person to be friends.

What is a friend? Someone who cares for you, who is there for you and accepts you for who you are. Well, all of you do that. And despite not having met most of you in person, I do consider you my friends.

You are all amazing and wonderful people. You’ve all been there for me when I’ve needed it the most, especially this past year.

And I got this wonderful card and bookmark in the mail from a friend today.

other 966















other 967















other 968

It’s for Valentines Day, but isn’t it neat how it arrived on Internet Friends Day?

I appreciate all of you, I cherish our friendships and I love all of you.

Happy Internet Friends Day 🙂


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