New Shoes

I was finally able to get a new pair of shoes. I got money from a friend for Christmas and my birthday so I saved it. I looked on Amazon last week to see if I could get any shoes on there for a good price. I found a pair I really liked for $31 and bought them. They came on Sunday.

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These are the type of shoes people who skateboard usually wear. I’ve never been on a skateboard, but I love these style of shoes. I have worn them for years. I like how they look, and they are very comfortable.

I bought my first two pairs of skater shoes at Journeys. The second pair I bought from Journeys where my favorite. They were black and a light blue – I loved them. They lasted for 7 years. Both pairs from Journeys were Etnies. My pair after that came from the Hot Topic website. They were having a sale and I got a pair of skater shoes with the Psychopathic Records logo on them – that’s Insane Clown Posse’s record label. I’ve had them for about 7 years ago also.

The brand of this new pair is DC. I’ve never owned DC shoes before, but they usually aren’t cheap. I love anything leopard or camouflage and that’s why I wanted this pair. I started wearing them right away Sunday and I am really happy with them.



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    • I understand. I did buy a pair from Ebay sometime late last year and although they were my shoe, they didn’t fit. I had to pay for the shipping to return them, which was $11. I figured if I bought shoes online again, I would go with Amazon. If they didn’t fit, I wouldn’t have to pay for shipping to return them to Amazon.


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