Hamster Bread

Someone in Japan is making bread shaped like hamsters. And they are adorable!

I found this while looking on Twitter the other day. They are very realistic-looking, aren’t they? Whoever makes these are very talented.

See more pictures here.


11 responses to “Hamster Bread

  1. I saw these on Facebook and think they are cute but do not know if i could eat them or not cause they look so real. This is Ruth and I have started another blog here just to keep in touch with friends and will not be posting there.


    • They do look real. I don’t think I could eat them either.

      It’s nice to see you again. Sorry I don’t update on Facebook much. I’m busy with the work I do online and when I do have time, I’m on Twitter and WordPress. I’ve also been trying to write as much as I can.

      I hope you are doing well.


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