20 Years Of Spice Girls

In July 1996, the Spice Girls debuted with their single Wannabe. And since it is 2016, this year will be their 20th anniversary.

I have been a fan ever since I was a little kid and I can’t believe it is already 20 years. It seems like it was just yesterday I was a kid and seeing the Wannabe music video for the first time. The impact they’ve had on me, others and the world is just amazing. They inspired me so much and they still do. Together, and individually, they have accomplished so much.

I think some of the most important things I have learned from the Spice Girls are to always be myself and to never give up. I also learned from Melanie B (Scary Spice) to be proud of being mixed.

And I do think their influence on me shows.

I know there are people who don’t like them, who make fun of them and really don’t think they were good models for young girls. Were the Spice Girls perfect at the height of their fame? No. They were real. They were fun. And they had great messages.

Seeing them made feel me empowered. Honestly, it still does. They were five girls from different backgrounds and they were massively successful. I know it can be hard for women to find success in music, writing, acting, etc. But, you know what? They did it. The Spice Girls found success. They made their dreams come true. And if that isn’t inspiring and empowering, then I don’t know what is.

And the other day I was on a forum that’s for Spice Girls fans, someone brought up a fact I hadn’t thought of in a long time. It was the fact the Spice Girls have co-written all of their songs, even as solo artists. They were very involved in writing lyrics and I remember thinking that was so cool. I knew not all artists wrote their songs or were even involved in any way with the writing of them. I wanted to write songs after learning that. And although my writing hasn’t gone in the way of songs, I guess you can say they did kind of put me on the path to writing.

I can’t ever forget their message of Girl Power. And they lived it. They still do. They proved women can accomplish just as much as men and as a child, that really had an impact on me. If they could be successful, why not me? I thought.

I feel lucky to have been growing up around the time the Spice Girls basically ruled the world. The Spice Girls, their music, their messages are all a huge part of me. I have a lot to thank them for.And I am so happy to be celebrating their 20th anniversary

And I am so happy to be celebrating their 20th anniversary.

I don’t know if they will be doing anything this year to celebrate. I know four of them want to, but I think it has pretty much been confirmed Victoria (Posh Spice) won’t be involved.

I’ll admit that does make me sad. I know a lot of people have said she didn’t contribute much to the Spice Girls. I personally don’t think that’s true. And honestly, I think it is because of comments like that is why she doesn’t want to perform or even sing anymore. You wouldn’t believe how much – and how badly – she’s been bashed over the years, especially during her solo music career. I love her solo music. I love all their solo music. And I didn’t understand why people criticized her so much. I still don’t.

I don’t think she is really confident in her singing or performing anymore. I remember reading before the Spice Girls performed at the Olympics closing ceremony she had a panic attack. And during their reunion tour in 2007-2008, each girl had their own solo part in the concert. Victoria was the only one who didn’t sing a song, she did a cat-walk thing.

I really do think how harshly she was criticized has something to do with the fact she doesn’t really want to sing or perform anymore. But I really can’t blame her.

Victoria is a fashion designer now. A respected fashion designer. And I respect her decision to not do music anymore. If they reunite again, tour or even make new music – I really hope they do! – I will definitely miss her. She’ll always be a Spice Girl to me, someone who was a wonderful role model to a young girl and left a permanent impact.

I guess sometime this year they will announce what they are doing to celebrate their 20th year. With or without Victoria, I will always support them as a group and individually.

I will forever be a fan and I can’t wait to see could happen for their 20th anniversary.


6 responses to “20 Years Of Spice Girls

  1. Victoria Beckham is, to me, the prettiest of the Girls, and also the shyest. Sensitive people are more apt to shun criticism, as you know, so I would only hope all five of them can take part in the reunion, for their fans’ sake. They are just a harmless, all-in-good-fun group.


    • My mom has always thought Victoria was the prettiest too. Victoria does seem a bit shy and I think over the years she has just lost her confident when it comes to performing because of all the horrible things people have said. I always have thought she had a nice voice just like the other Spice Girls.


  2. Happy 20th Anniversary to the Spice Girls! 🙂 I hope they do something fun to celebrate with the world! I’m so glad they had such a positive influence on you and so many other females! Their music was fun and their message was important! Mel B is still my fav! Victoria is, also, a good Mom these days to her beautiful children! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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