Sorry for taking so long to update, but I just haven’t had time to get on here until now. We did get the water fixed. It was fixed on Tuesday and we’re happy that it is fixed. We were having to go to the neighbor’s house to get water to flush the toilets and shower.

And as far as Scott goes. . . .He’s still here and as of right now, won’t be leaving until the end of January. After dropping the bomb on us by texting he’s moving out, he stayed away over the weekend and came home Monday. I heard him talking to my mom and it’s just as I thought. He thinks he’ll be able to move into the fire station for free and have no responsibilities. He said he’ll have to go out on calls only if he wants to.

I should probably explain why he wants to live somewhere for free. He’s currently dating a girl. They’ve been dating for less than a month and she lives in North Carolina. I know who the girl is too.

I think in the last post, or the one before, I explained that Scott came here to live here after living with his cousin in Lancaster for 8 months. The agreement for them living together was she paid half of the bills. He ended up paying everything plus buying her stuff and they didn’t get along at all.

That’s who he is dating. His cousin. And he’s spending a lot of money on her as well as driving to North Carolina. So, he wants to live somewhere for free to either have more money to go see her or spend on her.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with Scott, but like I said before, he could change his mind. Especially when he finds out all the responsibilities that come with volunteering for the fire department.

I will keep you all updated.

And I’m sorry for not replying to your comments yet. I will try to soon and hopefully I’ll get a chance to post again soon. I’ve had some stuff I’ve wanted to blog about and I need to update my list of books I’ve read so far this year.


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    • I honestly don’t know if he’ll go through with it once he finds out all the responsibility that comes with volunteering. Scott doesn’t like to do anything unless he is getting paid. And if only he is getting paid good.


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