Quick Post

I’m sorry for the posts the past few days. And yesterday I wrote that post immediately after my mom told me. I was in complete shock. I was angry. And I just needed to write.

Scott never came home last night. And of course he wouldn’t after texting my mom that bomb.

I’ve blog about Scott some in the past, but not much. I have known Scott for nearly as long as my mom has and honestly, this shouldn’t have shocked me as much as it did. I know Scott is selfish and he’ll only do something for someone if there is something he can gain from it.

The thing is, my parents have taken him in multiple times. They have treated him like a son. And they did it all expecting nothing in return. That’s what they’ve always done. They have always helped people and expected nothing in return. They can’t stand to see people struggle. And now that we are in this situation, Scott as well as many other people, won’t do anything for my parents.

Scott is also known for changing his mind. So there is a chance he may not move out. We’ll have to see.

I believe Scott thinks he will be able to live at the fire station and work only when he wants to. I researched this last night and there are actually many requirements as well as responsibilities that come with being a live-in at a fire station. And besides paying to live here, he has no responsibilities here at the house. He doesn’t wash dishes, doesn’t clean the house. He’ll usually only come home to sleep. Most of the time he’s out doing. . . I don’t know what. And when he is home, he’ll just watch TV.

And as for the water. . . The guy is supposed to come back sometime today. He’s bringing some type of tester so he can find out exactly what is wrong.

I’ll keep you all updated on what’s going on. And I’m sorry for being negative, for posting about all of this stuff. I really hope that something will change soon and I’ll have good things to post.


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