Water Update And What Happened Today

Someone was here checking the water and he’ll be back tomorrow to replace something to see if it fixes it.

But even if we do get the water fixed, it won’t matter now.

I’ve mentioned before that Scott lives here. He is someone my mom has known for over 10 years and he has lived with us about four different times in the past. He’s lived with us for over two years now, which is the longest he’s ever lived with us.

And my mom felt bad for him, that’s why he was living with us again. He was living in Lancaster with his cousin, he was paying for everything there and she was supposed to be paying for half. He said that while living in Lancaster, he often went without eating.

He also told my mom that his parents wouldn’t let him move in with them again.

So, she let him move in again, but she told him he couldn’t stay with us for free this time. He has been paying room-and-board. However, when he moved in, we weren’t having the financial problems we’re having now. So, when he moved in, it was for his benefit and not ours. But when we started having these bad financial problems, one of the things that have helped pay some of the bills is Scott paying room-and-board. I know one of the bills she pays with the money she gets from Scott is the electric bill.

About a month ago, Scott decided he wanted to be a firefighter. It was sudden. He’d never expressed interest in doing it before, and honestly, he’s not a very brave person. If something bad is going on, he’s the first one out and worries about no one else.

Now we’ve found out the reason why he wants to be a firefighter.

My mom came to me a little while ago and said that Scott sent her a text. He told her that he’ll probably be moving out in about two weeks. Since he is going to be a firefighter, they will let him live at the station for free. And he’s not bad off like we are. He has a very good paying job. Last year, he went on vacation six or seven times.

So, eventually, we’ll be without electricity. And that means I won’t be able to blog. I won’t be able to continue the work I do online currently and I’ll just have to pause all my listings on Webstore because I won’t be able to get online to check my email and see if anything has sold.

I just wanted to let you all know what’s going on and if I stop posting suddenly it’s because we’re without electricity.


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