R.I.P. Luigi

Luigi passed away. He hasn’t been well for at least a few weeks, but I still didn’t give up hope he’d get well. I never do. I was giving him different things, like vitamins in his water, that seemed to be helping.

I miss him. I really do. I wish I could have made him better. I know he was the oldest of my hamsters. I think we’ve had him for about two years now, but I wanted him to pass away because he was old, not from some illness.

I think he is okay now, though. I dreamed of him last night and in the dream, he wasn’t sick. He looked like the hamster I remember from before he got sick.

I miss you, Luigi. I’ll never forget you, little guy.

other 938

other 937

These two pictures were from about a month ago. Luigi was eating food on the bed.

other 936

This was from earlier this year.


12 responses to “R.I.P. Luigi

  1. Aw. 😦 I am so sorry to hear about Luigi. 😦 May he rest in peace. He was such a handsome fun fellow. I know you miss him greatly.
    Thank you for letting him adopt you and for taking good care of him.


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