Random Stuff

I’ve wanted to blog, but either I haven’t had time, or I can’t think of anything to blog about. So, this is going to just be a blog of random stuff.

We’ve got the Christmas tree up but haven’t decorated it yet. Just haven’t had time. I need to say something to my mom about us decorating it today.

All my Christmas shopping is finished. I am just waiting for a few more things to come in the mail yet.

I can’t believe next week is Christmas. This month is going so fast and it’ll be a new year soon.

I’ve spent time writing some poetry, but haven’t had a chance to work on my book recently. I hope to have time to do that today.

I found out that Mother Teresa will be canonized a Saint. I don’t think a date has been set yet so I’m not sure when it will happen.

I went to the library yesterday to pick up books I had on hold. Right now I’m reading a graphic novel called Monster on the Hill. I’m enjoying it. And I will update my reading list on here one more time before the year is over.

Besides doing work online, reading and writing when I’ve got the chance, I haven’t been doing much. When you don’t have a reliable vehicle or much money, you can’t really go out and do anything.

I’ve gotten more Christmas cards. I will eventually take pictures of them to post on here.

I’ll try to think of some stuff to post so I can blog again soon. I hope you all have a nice weekend.


4 responses to “Random Stuff

  1. That’s cool about Mother Teresa! I think there is a movie coming out about her life soon. (or maybe it’s already out. ???)
    Hope you got your tree decorated!
    I hope and pray and wish you a very beautiful Christmas! With lots of love and laughter and warmth!
    Thank you for being my friend! You bring joy into my life!
    Yes, the year went by quickly and the coming week will fly! 😮
    ❤ and Merry Happy Joyful Holiday HUGS!!! 🙂


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