Can You Be Good Without God?

A while back someone on a website I frequent asked this. They explained their friend said you can’t be good without God.

There were varying views on this question. Some were in agreement that without God, you can’t be good. Others said that it is the person and not their beliefs that make them good or bad.

I believe in the Great Spirit, but I don’t feel this belief is what makes me good. I want to be a good person and it is what I choose.

What I said is that I have a neighbor who is Atheist. He has no belief in God whatsoever. Yet, he is a very nice and good person. He will do whatever he can to help someone in need.

Believing or not believing in the Great Spirit doesn’t make someone good or bad. It is ultimately up to each individual to make that choice, to choose for themselves what kind of person they want to be.

So, I do believe you can be good with God just as you can be good without God.


9 responses to “Can You Be Good Without God?

  1. The Christian Bible teaches that no one is capable of being good. In the book of Luke someone calls Jesus good and he replies asking why they called him good and stating that there is none that is good except for god….

    I think he’s right about no one being good. I’ve never met a person who is simply all good. I think we all tend to have a bit of a blend of light and darkness in us and that may not be such a bad thing.


  2. No one is letter perfect, but I believe that perfect should not be the enemy of good. Most of us do the best we can for other people. My Faith helps me, in this regard, yet, if one says he or she has no Faith, and they are still good, that is actually faith enough.


  3. I think that people who say you can’t be good without god don’t know the world very well or don’t think very deeply. It seems to me that god sometimes causes people to be NOT good.


  4. People who claim to love God can be good or evil. People who don’t believe in God can be good evil. No one is all good or perfect. We make choices every day as to how we will handle things and how we will treat other people. Hopefully we will make an effort to chose good over bad/evil the majority of the time. 🙂
    GREAT post!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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