The Real Story Of Thanksgiving

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the story we’re teach of the first Thanksgiving isn’t true.

As I have studied history, I’ve learned not all that’s taught is true. There is also misinformation in history and even stuff that has been hidden. So, when it comes to history, it is definitely important to research and find out the truth.

This is not to say Thanksgiving is bad or should not be celebrated. I think it is important to give thanks. Native tribes and other peoples have always had celebrations for giving thanks. But, I also think it is important to know the real story of Thanksgiving, not the false history that is taught.

I read this article the other day about what really happened at the first Thanksgiving. It is the Wampanoag’s side of the story and it is a bit long, but I think, well-worth the read.

I hope everyone enjoys the article.

And I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving tomorrow.

9 responses to “The Real Story Of Thanksgiving

  1. I think that as long as humans are telling the stories of our past it will always be biased and riddled with errors. It’s natural for humans to see things their own way and put their spin on the telling of the stories they choose to pass on. Every historical account must be taken with a grain of salty reasoning. It’s wonderful to read many accounts and piece together a logical assumption of what most likely happened based on human tendencies, scientific facts and logical assessments. That’s how we teach history in our home. There is much of our real history hidden in antique journals, tribal songs, old graveyards, shipping manifests etc. The learning of history should always be an exploration. Thanks for the link.


  2. I did not find the story disturbing at all. It makes sense. My hunch is the truth is somewhere in the middle, but obviously, the Pilgrims were the needy ones and they were helped. Long ago a Dr. Albert (I think that was his name) spent weeks proving that the USA form/of government came from the Indians (Native Americans) and not England.

    Excellent article.


    • Yes, I have read a few times that it was a Native American tribe that influenced our government. I can’t remember which tribe it is now, but if I I come across it again, I will share it with you.

      Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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