Positivity Week Day 6: Outdoor Positivity

I don’t fish or hike or run. But I do like being outdoors. When it gets warm and my mom starts to plant things, I often help her. We plant flowers and plant vegetable seeds so we can grow things like our own tomatoes. This year I grew a pumpkin plant for the first time. I loved that. I was outside with it for a while every day, watering it, talking to it. Next year I am going to try to grow more pumpkin plants.

I also like being outdoors when we go to Gettysburg. You’d think the energy in Gettysburg wouldn’t be so pleasant because of the battle that happened, but Gettysburg actually has a nice energy to it. I feel so relaxed when I am there and just wish I could stay.

Sitting out on the battlefield or Sachs Bridge and just being in nature is so nice. It makes me feel good.


4 responses to “Positivity Week Day 6: Outdoor Positivity

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to find peace, joy and renewal outdoors in nature?! I love it!
    And having a garden is work that is good for body, mind, and soul!
    Aren’t pumpkin plants fun!? And I love the colors of the pumpkin as it matures! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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