Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month. The past few years I have celebrated this month by posting Native history, about different Native people and other things Native American related.

I have found that not many people know this is Native American Heritage Month and I wish that were not the case. It would be nice to see lots of people, places, etc, celebrating Native American Heritage Month. A year or two ago I even e-mailed my local library and told them it was Native American Heritage Month and asked them if they would do a special book display for it.

I asked because they do book displays for Black History month, poetry month and others. I never received a reply and they never did anything special for it.

I hope through posting on my blog, this will bring some attention and hopefully inform others who did not previously know about Native American Heritage Month.

I will be trying to post some things. If you are following me on Twitter, I am sure you’ve seen I have already started my posting on there.Whether you’re Native American or not, I invite you to celebrate this month with me.


7 responses to “Native American Heritage Month

  1. We observed Native American Month, when it was in September. It has moved to November, as I understand it, to provide a realistic perspective on Thanksgiving. That’s okay. Thanksgiving should be offered to God, not to the dominant culture. My Great-Grandmother, paternal-matrilineal, was a Penbscot I have a strong. genetic memory of Northern Woodlands people.


  2. I like when you do blogs for Native American Month! I hope you will have time to do some this time around!
    I have friends who are Navajo, Apache, and Seminole…and I enjoy being included in some of their celebrations.
    This might sound like a silly way to celebrate…but it was fun…we got together recently and made homemade Indian Fry Bread and topped it with pinto beans and many veggies! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  3. I’ve found that “Native American Month” was set in November intentionally! Thanksgiving (harvest festival) is a major celebration in the indigenous society. By making November “Native American Month” it was thought that coinciding it with Thanksgiving was a way of showing honor to the indigenous people. But the choice of this month was done also because it would be over shadowed by the coming of the Christmas holiday season. Most people are thinking about Christmas and shopping for that holiday. The retail stores have started their Christmas displays the day after Halloween. You find very little of the items that cover the Thanksgiving holiday. As it is a harvest festival, food being the main theme and does nothing to help the retail economy of most stores. So “Native American Month” has a two-edge sword associated with it. One edge to honor indigenous society and the other edge to celebrate the coming Christmas season. So when push comes to shove the “Christmas Season” wins over!
    This is a sad because society has become money hungry and only looks at the bottom line of what this time of year represents for the retail market.


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