Daily Giveaway Alert

I love entering giveaways and requesting freebies. I’ve tried some great products this way. There are many websites out there that focus on finding giveaways and freebies for people to enter and sign up for.

I’ve tried different ones; some are better than others. There is a new website called Daily Giveaway Alert.

All you do is enter your name and e-mail and you will get the latest giveaways/freebies delivered right to your inbox. It seems eventually the website will also have an app that can be downloaded to your mobile phone.

The website itself has a simple and clean design. It also loads quickly, which for people with an older laptop like myself, is a good thing.

The list of giveaways, freebies and even coupons, is updated every 24 hours.

Daily Giveaway Alert looks to be a promising website and I’ll add it to the list of the ones I use regularly when I’m looking for giveaways and freebies. I’m also interested in trying the app when it is released.


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