What’s Going On Recently

We’re still without a vehicle and it has been extremely hard. Besides Marc working, my dad has doctor’s appointments and it has been hard for my mom to find rides to get my dad to the doctor’s.

My brother David is supposed to fix at least two of our vehicles, but we’ll see if it happens. We’ve been without a vehicle for three weeks now and he has only been here two times for a few hours each time. Both times he has fooled around and got nothing done. It’s because David doesn’t want to fix our vehicles. He doesn’t care that our dad needs to get to doctors appointments.

My mom has called different churches in our town, and even talked to the pastor of church where we eat a meal at every Thursday. None of them want to help and actually even act disgusted that we’re even asking for help.

This is the first time we’ve even asked anyone for help, and only because we’re in a really bad situation. I just know in my area, the only help you can get is the food bank. And the churches around here are not willing to help no matter how much of a hard time you’re having.

And trying to get any help from the state of Pennsylvania isn’t easy.

My mom hasn’t been able to work since she injured her back while working full-time at Pizza Hut. She also has panic attacks. She would like to work, but can’t because of her injury and the panic attacks. So she is trying to get disability. She’d rather work than go on disability, but at this point she is unable to work.

She had to go for two appointments on Thursday. One was a doctor checking out her back and the other was for a psychologist. She said the psychologist treated her like crap, said she had a lot of issues and trauma. He told her that she needs to go to a therapist and disability isn’t for people who aren’t willing to get help.

My mom had a bad childhood and in the past, she did go to a therapist for a while. She even went to group therapy. To be honest, I am very angry the psychologist treated her that way. When you’re a psychologist you don’t treat people that way. You are supposed to offer a safe and non-judgmental environment. He also told her that she is not going to get disability. I think that guy needs to be fired.

I just hope that despite that psychologist being a jerk, she will get disability.

I also hope that we have some good things happening soon. Everything has just been overwhelming.

Keep us in your prayers and I’ll keep updating what’s going on once in a while.



7 responses to “What’s Going On Recently

  1. Prayers from here continue, every day. Your brother probably doesn’t KNOW how to fix the cars and is too prideful to admit it. There are all kinds of psychologists. Some believe in tough love, which doesn’t work in the case of panic attack sufferers. I hope there is more weight put on the physician’s opinion.


    • Thanks for your prayers.

      My brother knows how to work on vehicles. My dad is a mechanic and taught him. I know it can be hard to believe that someone could be that uncaring. I probably wouldn’t believe it myself if I didn’t have siblings like that, but David only cares about himself.

      I hope there will be more weight on the physicians opinion too. If my mom could work, believe me, she would. She only applied for disability because at this point she can’t work and she knows we need money. This is her only way of bringing in money right now.


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