Last weekend I went on vacation for the first time in nine years. We went to Bloomsburg and stayed at a motel there for the weekend. Bloomsburg is in the mountains of Pennsylvania and only a few hours from where I live.

I went to Bloomsburg once, about three years ago, and on the way we stopped at Centralia. We stayed in Bloomsburg because the motel we found was the cheapest place to stay and also, Bloomsburg isn’t far from Knoebels.

On Friday we just stayed in Bloomsburg. Checked out some of the stores, and Bloomsburg has a lot of them. Not only does Bloomsburg have many small businesses, but they also have big stores such as Walmart, Big Lots, Dollar Tree and more. It was pretty awesome having the stores I love so close by.

I live in a small town in between Lancaster and Harrisburg, which are both big cities. However, the closest Walmart and Big Lots are about 30 minutes from me. That’s not very far, but it is when you don’t have a lot of money and don’t always have money for gas.

I thought Bloomsburg was a beautiful town and I loved that it had so many stores that I like going to. And so many choices for places to eat as well. On Friday we ate at Denny’s and on Saturday after Knoebels we ate at Cracker Barrel.

Saturday morning I woke up early. Earlier than I had originally planned, but the beds in our room weren’t comfortable at all and I had a hard time sleeping. So, I got up and showered. Then we headed out to Knoebels. I think we left sometime after 8:30am, maybe close to 9am. It only took about 20 minutes to get there.

Knoebels opened at 11am, but it is good we got there so early. We got a parking spot close to the park and got in line at the ticket booth before the line could get long. The ticket booth opened before 11am so we got our tickets early and just waited for the rides to start.

other 855

other 856

other 857

I got these pictures before the parked opened.

other 858

Marc and Scott waiting for the ride to start.

other 859

And it started!

other 860

other 861

This is the Merry Mixer, also known as the Scrambler in other amusement parks. It is one of my favorite rides, but I didn’t go on it this time. I only went on about three rides in the park. I would have loved to go on more, but I have been having panic attacks sometimes and I didn’t want to go on any rides that I thought would trigger any panic.

other 862

other 863

other 864

I got these few pictures while on one of the train rides. We actually went under one of the wooden roller coasters. It was pretty neat.

other 865

other 866

Swans. I had to stop and take a few pictures. They had a machine that had dried corn in it so you could feed the swans, and it was free. Didn’t have to put in any quarters to get the food.

other 867

And this is the Knoebels Halloween guy. Every year they are open during the month of October. They decorate and do other things for Halloween. I’d love to go sometime when they have the Halloween stuff up.

I went on one of the train rides, the antique cars and the Haunted Mansion ride. It is a haunted house dark ride and it was pretty cool.

Some stuff at Knoebels could be pricey, but for the most part, they had affordable prices. Especially when it comes to food. I had a waffle ice cream sandwich. It was really good.

I enjoyed myself at Knoebels. The area the park is in is beautiful. And the park itself is just awesome. The parking is free, admission to the park is free. You only pay if you want to go on any rides. I love Knoebels and really want to go back one day. I think it is better than Hershey Park, which grows increasingly greedy every year.

Another cool thing about Knoebels was you could bring your pets in the park. So many people had their dogs with them.

If any of you ever make to Pennsylvania, I definitely recommend checking out Knoebels.


13 responses to “Knoebels

    • I think that is why I liked Knoebels so much. I mean, of course they want to make money so they can stay in business, but it’s not just about making money. They give you the option of whether you want to spend money or not. If you don’t, and just want to walk around the park, then that is fine. And I think that’s great.

      I’m not saying that Hershey Park isn’t fun, but they have become really greedy. It’s now $15 to park there.


  1. I LOVE amusement parks and rides! This looks like a cool place! Glad you had a fun time! Your photos are great…you got some cool action shots ad I love one under the wooden roller coaster!
    HUGS!!! and ❤ !!! 🙂
    PS…sorry you're having some panic attacks. 😦


    • I think you would like Knoebels. It is a fun place. I wish I could have went on more rides, but I do like the pictures I got of the rides. I thought it was really cool to go under the roller coaster.

      And thanks. I haven’t had any lately, but I just didn’t want to take a chance at Knoebels. If I would have got on a ride that triggered a panic attack, it’s not like they could have stopped it and let me off.

      Remember how we’ve been talking about trauma in our emails? That’s what’s causing the panic attacks for me. I’m having trauma coming up from stuff in my childhood. I’m doing what I need to so I can release it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A great time well deserved .
    I am surprised to know in Bloomsburg the small businesses are numerous and resist to the huge stores . This is good
    I liked the photo of the park
    Love ❤


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