Update On A Submission

In the past few months I have submitted writing to about four places – two were horror anthologies and two were poetry magazines. Yesterday I finally got an email back from one of the places.

It was from the one horror anthology called Not Your Average Monster. I decided to write a story that had a monster from a Cherokee legend in it.

It was a rejection, but a positive one. I was told that mine was one of the better stories, but they got so many submissions that they only accept about 1 in every 15 submissions. The editor also told me that they like my voice and that character development in my story is an obvious strength.

They said the only thing that needed some work was the ending to my story because it ended rather suddenly. And then he told me about another horror anthology to submit my story to once I have reworked the ending. He said to tell the editor that he recommended me.

So I have begun reworking the ending. I started tonight and will do some more writing tomorrow. And while I know it was a rejection, I am feeling pretty excited. I hope the next anthology will accept my story. I’ll make sure to post an update if the story is accepted.


14 responses to “Update On A Submission

  1. Oh, YAY, SweetE! Thanks for letting us know!
    You SHOULD be excited…just another confirmation that you ARE a GREAT writer! šŸ™‚
    Good luck on the story as you submit it again!
    All crossable parts crossed for you! šŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! šŸ™‚


    • I am excited. Of course, I wish the story would have been accepted. But, the email was positive and encouraging. And the fact the editor thought it is good enough, with reworking the ending, to submit to another horror anthology, it just makes me really happy. And the feedback the editor gave was helpful.

      I finished the ending last night, but I am going to look over it a few more times before getting it ready to submit. I hope that when I submit it again, it will be accepted.

      I’ll also email you the story again so you can read the new ending. I’ll send it whenever I look over it again and feel happy with how it ended.

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