Going on Vacation

The last time I went on vacation was nine years ago. I went with my parents and Scott to South Carolina. I believe we only went for the weekend, but ended up coming back early because we got a phone call that my grandmother, my dad’s mom, was not well at all.

After that vacation, things got bad financially – and as you all know, have gotten worse – and so we just haven’t had the money to really go on vacation since then. We did go on day trips to Gettysburg and other places not too far away. But, even the day trips have stopped. I think the last time I went to Gettysburg was last summer.

And I’m going to be honest; staying in town all the time is getting to me. But, you know, there isn’t much that can be done about that at this time. Even just being able to get out-of-town to go to the Hershey library, or go to Wal-mart, is a treat for all of us.

But Scott, who lives here, of course knows what’s going on. He does give my mom some money for living here, but it’s not enough to pay everything that needs paid.

Without our knowing, he was saving money to take us on vacation.

We won’t be leaving Pennsylvania. We’re going to Knoebels, which is located in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. It’s a free amusement park. Parking is free and you pay only for the rides you want to go on. If you don’t want to get on any rides, you can just walk around the park. You don’t have to pay for a ticket to get in.

August 21-23, that is where I will be. And we’re staying in Bloomsburg, which isn’t far from Elysburg. Bloomsburg has a nice hotel there that is cheaper than any other hotels I found while searching online.

And I am excited about going. I have never been to Knoebels and have wanted to go for a long time. I am grateful to Scott, this will be my first vacation in nine years and the first time I’ve ever went on vacation with Marc.

I will be glad to get out of this town for a weekend and just sometime to get away from all of the stress.

Centralia isn’t far from where we will be staying so we’re going to stop there before coming home on Sunday. I have only been to Centralia once, and that was about three or so years ago. I will be bringing my camera and taking pictures. I’m bringing my cell phone too, and if I can get signal, I might blog while I’m there.

If I don’t blog while there, I will once I get home. Really looking forward to going.


10 responses to “Going on Vacation

  1. One doesn’t have to go far to have a great time. That part of PA. is not an area I have visited, but I can imagine it has lots of beautiful scenery, like Lock Haven and other areas in the north.


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