Thank You & Letting Off A Little Steam

I want to thank all of you for your kind comments the other day. I was really feeling down; feeling hopeless. I can’t say that our situation has improved, but I’m feeling more positive now. I think writing about it and how I felt helped.

I wish people in our family would help, but it was made even more clear today that will never happen.

I woke up today and went down in the basement to shower – the pipeline for the shower in our upstairs bathroom is leaking – and when I came back up stairs I heard talking. I went into the bathroom upstairs so I could blow-dry my hair and hang my towel up to dry.

The voice I heard talking was David.

David is my half-brother. Both my parents have been married previously. From my mom’s first marriage she had one child, which is my half-brother Ricky. From my dad’s first marriage he had three children. My half-brothers David and Dan, my half-sister Laurie.

I don’t usually blog about my family, or the problems we’re having. I don’t like to burden anyone, and in the case of my family, despite how they are, I don’t like to make anyone look bad.

But, today made me angry. And I’ve learned I’m not making them look bad; they are making themselves look that way. All I’m going to do is speak the truth because I refuse to lie about what my siblings do.

So, David visited today. I didn’t know why, but I heard him talking to my mom. David, as welling as my other siblings, know that my dad was forced out of the garage he rented. They know we have been struggling. And today, my mom let David know just how bad it has gotten.

I don’t know what Laurie and her husband make a year. But, I do know what David and Dan make a year they’ve had to brag about it – and I’ll just say that those two make more than enough that it could pay off the house and pay everything else that needs paid.

Yet, they won’t help. David made that clear today.

We are having vehicle problems. We have only one running vehicle and it needs work, too. David drove it today and said that what’s wrong with it is the axles, which he said costs a lot of money. He told my mom there is no use of him checking out the vehicle since they don’t have the money for parts – in other words, he won’t buy the parts and fix the vehicle to help out.

Then, my mom explained what’s going on, that my dad hasn’t been getting much business – he didn’t get any at all this week – and we don’t have money for food. All he said was that it was rough what we’re going through, then he left.

My mom told me later that she found my dad crying after David left. I know my dad’s kids don’t like me and my mom. And you know, that’s fine, they don’t have to like us. But, that is their dad too. They should at least help because of him. They refuse to help though. And David coming here, saying he just wanted to see how we’re doing, and despite what my mom told him, David didn’t care. He didn’t offer to help in any way, and only upset my dad.

Marc said that if David would come to the house again my mom shouldn’t even open the door for him. I agree. He’s just so heartless.

Even as an adult my dad has done so much for David, Dan and Laurie. They are his kids and he has helped them whenever he was able to.

My mom even called Dan recently and asked if he would share the GoFundMe. I know he hasn’t shared because the shares haven’t went up.

A few months ago Laurie came to the house to hang out for a bit and I guess visit with our dad. While she was here she told my parents that she was doing a fundraiser for a friend who’s having financial problems. I couldn’t believe she said that to them knowing full-well how much their own financial problems are currently.

I didn’t grow up in a rich family. We have had times where things were better, times where we could go on vacation and do other things. But my family has always been what’s considered poverty-level.

I didn’t grow up with the most expensive things, or getting everything I wanted. I learned to budget and get everything at the best price you can. I grew up wearing clothes from Wal-Mart and K-mart, which is what I still buy.

David, Dan and Laurie grew up expecting expensive clothes from the mall every Christmas. And if they didn’t get what they wanted, Christmas day was miserable. My dad worked overtime to get them what they wanted.

Even as adults my parents bought gifts for them and all their kids every year for Christmas. This was hard on my parents and bills often got backed up around the holidays because of buying gifts for everyone.

When they started complaining the gifts they were getting weren’t good enough, my mom told my dad they weren’t buying them gifts anymore. She said they went into debt every year and his kids weren’t even happy with what they got.

When I was 10, Dan sent my dad a long letter complaining about how they spent lots of money on me every Christmas, and hardly any on them. At this time, all of them were adults married with children of their own.

And when my dad had a garage, he let his kids use the garage to work on their vehicles when they needed to.

When Laurie and her husband were having financial problems, my parents helped them as much as they could.

And after everything my parents have done for them, they just refuse to help. They don’t even care at all.

My mom said she doesn’t want David or any of them coming to the house anymore. I feel the same way. It upsets my dad that his own children won’t help when he needs it the most. My dad has health problems and he has enough stress with the current situation, they don’t need to come here and add to it.

I don’t even like calling them family. What I consider family has nothing to do with being blood related. What family is to me is people who care about you, who love you and will help you if they are able to. That’s family and in my view, you don’t have to be related by blood to be family.

I want to thank you all again for your kind comments the other day, and thank you if you’ve read this post. I appreciate all of you who comment, read and follow my blog.


12 responses to “Thank You & Letting Off A Little Steam

    • I honestly don’t know if they ever will regret it. At least not this lifetime. When they go through their life review, I’m sure they will regret it though.

      My siblings have always been this way. And why they don’t care about others, I don’t know.


  1. Times are inversed . In the past children helped their old ( or not so old) parents . Now those are the parents who have to help adult children . No many children are thankflul for the parents excepted you.


  2. Family should be the first people to step in and help in any way they can. Sorry to hear they are not. 😦
    Many of us here care about you…you are in our thoughts and prayers. We hope things get better very soon.


    • I know and I am grateful for that. I know you and others care about me.

      Family should be the first to step in and help if they are able. I think it is sad when you can’t depend on your family if you ever need a little bit of help.


    • I hope so too. I was really hoping the GoFundMe would be a success so I could help my parents more, but it hasn’t. I’m just trying to stay positive and hope something will change soon.


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