Writing, Family and Other Stuff

Sorry I haven’t written anything since June 27th. When you get busy you don’t always have time to do what you want.

I signed up for the summer reading program at the beginning of June and have been reading books for that. I have to find and read books with different themes they have listed. Also, I was busy working on a short story for a horror anthology. I did submit that last month and haven’t heard back yet. I am hoping my story will be accepted. I have also been working on some poems that I’d like to submit to a few different places. If any of my writing gets accepted, I’ll post about it on here.

Things are still tough for my family. I still have the GoFundMe up, but haven’t had any donations in quite a while now. I was really hoping to get a lot to help my parents out. They’ve worked hard all their lives, both have been through a lot and have helped people whenever they could. I really think they deserve a break and not have to worry about struggling financially. I’m still trying to keep positive and believe somehow things will work out. It is tough sometimes though, I admit.

Later today I am going with my parents and Marc to Hershey. Every year they set off fireworks and we always go. It’s kind of our 4th of July tradition. At least it’ll get us out-of-town for a while.

I have an idea for a new Dreamcatcher, but I need to buy a charm to go with it. I’m not sure when I’ll make it. I have the urge to make new items, but I have currently have 64 items for sale on Webstore and would like some of them to sale before I make any new items. I really hope some more items sell soon.

Lately I have been playing Final Fantasy VI for the Gameboy Advance. It is really a wonderful game. Once I finish it, I’ll probably write a post about it.

I’m going to go read for a while, and I’ll try to post again soon.

Happy 4th of July everyone 🙂


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