I’ve mentioned before that there is a book meeting I go to once a month. It is a group that reads and discusses the books of Rudolf Steiner.

There is supposed to be a festival there today. It’s celebrating something and usually when there is festivals, they do more than just reading the book together.

The guy who hosts the book meetings asked if I’d read one of my poems today. I agreed, but I’m nervous. I’m not used to talking in front of people, and I have never read anything I’ve written in front of people.

I hope I do okay and the nervousness goes away before I read.

Writing about it has made me feel a bit less nervous. Now I have to get ready to go. It starts 6:30 pm and it’s after 5 now. I’ll try to write a new post soon.


14 responses to “Nervous

  1. Steiner’s work was intended to cause Man to realistically assess his progress, with or without Divine assistance. Each person can read about anthroposiphism, and make their own judgment as to its level of truth.

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    • Everyone liked the poem, so I think it did go well.

      It’s actually an Anthroposophy group. They meet once a month to read a book by Steiner. I’ve been going for a few years now; I enjoy it. I’m not an anthroposophist though. I do think there is truth to Steiner’s work, but I don’t limit myself to only one belief structure.

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      • I don’t know that much about him, but I’d like to learn more. I hear you about not limiting oneself. I’m glad your poem was well-received.


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