Art Bell Returns to Radio!

Art Bell is known for Coast to Coast AM, a radio show which he created and hosted. When Art Bell Coast to Coast AM dealt with various topics, but usually the show was about paranormal stuff. Art Bell went into semi-retirement and eventually fully retired from the show.

I love Coast to Coast AM; I’ve listened to it for a long time and at one time, I listened to it every night. I haven’t done that for at least two or three years now.

While Coast to Coast AM still does shows about the paranormal, a lot of nights they don’t. Instead they have guests on to discuss news and world events, or political stuff.

Coast to Coast AM is known for discussing paranormal topics, but it is turning into more of political radio show now. It has been for some time, which that really disappoints me.

If I want to know news, world events, or whatever is going on in politics, there are plenty of places I can get that information.

The other day I was reading an article on a paranormal website and found another article, one about Art Bell.

July 20th he will have a new radio show and it can be listened to through his official website. And unlike current Coast to Coast AM, his new radio show will have lots of paranormal discussion.

I am really looking forward to his new radio show and can’t wait to listen to it.

I am really disappointed with the way Coast to Coast AM is going though. I loved listening to it and now I hardly do anymore because of the major change in what topics they are doing on the show.

Have you ever listened to Coast to Coast AM? Will you listen to Art Bell’s new radio show?


10 responses to “Art Bell Returns to Radio!

  1. That;s amazing… I don’t know if you remember me, but we used to interact in Xanga… i think… Tribong-upos was my handle… 😀

    RYP, wow, we don’t have a program focused on the paranormal here in the Philippines,,, maybe more of tv series perhaps… but we do have a columnist who writes about paranormal stuff, he’s name is Jaime Licauco and he gives a lot of expensive seminars on past life regression and self-hypnosis among others… I don’t know if its true but several friends have attended his lectures… 😀 I guess its cool…


    • I do remember you. How are you doing?

      I have heard of past life regression and self-hypnosis. There are people in America who do those things too.

      Since Art Bell will doing the show through his website, you might be able to listen to it. He was great on Coast to Coast AM and I’m sure his new radio show will be great as well.


    • You’re right. Maybe that’s why Coast to Coast AM is trying to focus on politics more? Coast to Coast AM had more listeners when their main focus was paranormal so you’d think they would go back to that.


  2. No I have never heard coast to coast but think i would like too. Hmm wonder if there is an app like i heart radio I can download on my iPad for coast to coast.


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