New Bookshelf

For a while now I have had books on the floor because I ran out of shelf space. So a few months back I started pricing bookshelves. I wanted a nice one, but one that I could afford. I looked online at Amazon, Ebay and some other websites. I checked out stores like K-mart, Walmart and Ollie’s Outlets. I had found a black metal five shelve bookcase on Amazon for $50 that I liked. Then I found a wood one at Ollie’s with five shelves for the same price. I figured once I save up the $50 I would go buy the wood one at Ollie’s.

But, the other day I went with my mom to a store in town that sells used furniture, jewelry and other things. I found a new bookshelf in there, but it was pressed wood, unlike the real wood bookshelf at Ollie’s, and it was $35. It wasn’t a bad price, but if I wanted pressed wood, I could get a brand new one at Ollie’s for the same price.

The woman who owns the store told us on Saturday everything store wide would be 50% off. I figured if they still had it on Saturday, I would buy it then.

I went back yesterday and they still had the bookshelf. It has five shelves, just like I wanted. I wanted a five shelves because I figured I could use three for books and two of them for DVDs.

other 830

This is my new bookshelf.

I cleaned it and have started to put some books and DVDs on it. With tax, I paid $18.55 for it. I’m really happy with it.

5 responses to “New Bookshelf

  1. I agree with you ,the real wood is much better and support the shelves very well .
    Now you have to fill with books that you can classify in using the computer.
    In friendship


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