20/20 Special On The FLDS

Last week 20/20 aired a special on the FLDS. It followed some former members as they fight to get their children. I missed it last week and just found that the episode has been put on Youtube. I just watched it and thought I’d share it here in case anyone wants to watch it.


6 responses to “20/20 Special On The FLDS

  1. This is worth watching and how heart breaking of them and such an adjustment for the children after being raised the way they were for so long and now having their lives changed even if it is for the better.


    • It is heart breaking and I’m happy that some women have been able to leave and take their children. It will definitely be a big change for the kids and there will have to be a lot of deprogramming from how they were raised, but getting them out of there was for the best.


  2. I watched it and I was really terrified to know that there are cults still out there, with poligamy. And those mother’s who are trying to get the children away from such environment…..
    I really feel sorry for the children who are born to such environment not knowing what the life is like beyond.


    • I didn’t know about the FLDS until January. Lifetime showed a documentary about women escaping polygamy, but that documentary was about the Kingston group. It was after doing some research I found Carolyn Jessop’s book called Escape. I read it and that’s how I found out about the FLDS. There are other groups out there like the FLDS too.

      It is terrifying to know there are cults like this still around.


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