FLDS is short for Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Before January I had never heard of them, but a documentary on Lifetime led me to learning about them and other groups like them in America.

Before January I knew nothing of the FLDS and didn’t know anything about the mainstream Mormon religion. These past few months I have been learning a lot, especially about Fundamentalist Mormons.

The documentary I watched in January was called Escaping Polygamy and it focused on girls who had escaped a life of polygamy from a group called the Kingston Clan, or known as Latter Day Church of Christ, which is another Fundamentalist Mormon group.

After the documentary I did some searches on Google about the Kingston Clan and I came upon a book called Escape, which is by Former-FLDS member Carolyn Jessop. And I learned a lot from her book.

The FLDS, and groups like them, practice polygamy. Men are allowed to have more than one wife and it is actually taught that a man must have at least three wives to get into Heaven. A woman’s only purpose is to be obedient at all times to her husband and to have many, many children.

At one time there was no FLDS, no Latter Day Church of Christ, or any of those groups. It was just The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The founder was Joseph Smith and he practiced polygamy. It has been reported that he had at least 27 wives. Polygamy, Plural marriage, celestial marriage – whatever you want to call it – was taught and practiced by Joseph Smith.

Eventually the LDS decided to end the practice of polygamy and later excommunicated those who practiced. This led to people splitting from the mainstream Mormon Church and forming groups like the FLDS.

The FLDS and other groups like them practice polygamy and have for many years. To say what is going is terrifying is an understatement.

Women and children are physically and sexually abused. They are brainwashed and controlled. They have no say whatsoever over their lives. It is truly horrible what happens to women and children in the FLDs.

A lot of people think that women being controlled to this extreme only happen in other countries and people seem to usually associate it with the Muslim religion.

Well, the FLDS aren’t Muslim and women are completely controlled. And it is happening right here in the America. It has been happening for many years and I never even knew until I saw that documentary.

It is hard to read what happens to these women and children and even the men and boys who are kicked out of the community. But, I’m glad to know what’s going on and that former-FLDS members are fighting what’s going on.

Warren Jeffs is the current Prophet for the FLDS. He is in prison for life for his conviction on aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault charges, but he’s still running the FLDS.

And what I’ve written here is only very few details of the history of the FLDS.

Wiki is a good place to start for information on the FLDS.

If you want some books to read, right now I recommend Escape by Carolyn Jessop, Church of Lies by Flora Jessop and Fifty Years in Polygamy by Kristyn Decker. Kristyn Decker wasn’t a member of the FLDS, but another Fundamentalist Mormon group called Apostolic United Brethren.

I know over the years there have been shows such as Big Love and Sister-Wives. I have never watched either of them, but Flora commented about them in her book and felt they were positive portrayals of polygamy and said that it isn’t really like that. I believe her since she lived it.

If you are interested in watching documentaries about Fundamentalist Mormons, the one on Lifetime I watched was good and Flora Jessop had her own show called Escaping the Prophet. Both of those will teach you a lot.

Have you ever heard of the FLDS or similar groups?


9 responses to “FLDS

  1. I know them well, and have visited one of their little towns: Colorado City, AZ. The patriarchy is outmoded, and self-serving, yet many of the women have bought into the idea of their own inferiority.


    • It’s what they are taught from a young age. They are taught they are really only alive to be a wife and have a bunch of kids. And of course to always obey whatever their husband says. I feel bad for these women and children. I feel bad for the guys too because not all of them are bad.


  2. I didn’t think there was anyone who didn’t think all Mormons practiced polygamy. My mother is Mormon and I cannot count how many times I have been asked how many mothers I have. (Just one, by the way.) I think there are two kinds of polygamous families; those that come from the abusive ‘cult leader’ style and those who are making a lifestyle choice based on their religion. Either way, it seems to come from an oppressive place, but you can’t know for sure unless you are living it. I mean honestly, society is beginning to accept a polyamorous lifestyle. I am constantly seeing articles from women’s magazines talking about how to make your marriage open and not fall apart. This is seen as a way to have it all, a successful marriage and the ability to date whomever you wish. Polygamy is not that far of reach from there.


  3. Yes I have seen the documentaries on Jeffs and what he did. I have also met a woman who escaped from jeffs compound and ran fro her life. She hid for years til she felt safe, At the age of 60 she still bares the emotional scars.


    • I’m sure she does. That group really does horrible things. I am glad that woman was able to get away. Not all people who escape are able to get away. Some are caught and taken back. Others sometimes go back of their own will because they are afraid and all they know is what they’ve been taught.


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