Near the beginning of last week my brother Ricky’s friend committed suicide. His friend’s name was Greg and I didn’t really know him. He’s just come to the house sometimes to help with different things. He was one of the few people willing to help my dad get the stuff moved out of the garage he was renting.

I didn’t know him other than seeing him a few times and I never really talked to him. But I was sad and shocked when I heard he committed suicide. I felt like crying because I know how much he must have been going through to even get to the point of suicide.

Some people see suicide as selfish, but I’ve never seen it that way.

Suicide isn’t just some last-minute decision. There is no waking up and just saying, “You know what, I think I’ll kill myself today.” Suicide comes from being in an extremely dark place and feeling there is no hope in sight, there is no possible way to solve your suffering.

I feel for anyone who ends up in that dark place and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

I could never call someone selfish for committing suicide. I just feel sorry for them because I know they were suffering a lot, and I wish they weren’t. I wish people never hurt so bad that it comes to suicide. But dealing with depression myself in the past, I can understand the feelings a person feels like there is no hope. I’ve felt those feelings myself.

I hope that Greg and anyone who has committed suicide has been able to find peace in the afterlife. I am sorry you suffered in this life. May you rest in peace.

And anyone out there who feels like they can’t go on, please reach out to someone. People do care about you and want to help you.


11 responses to “Suicide

  1. Suicide comes from total desperation, and a feeling of nonexistence, more often than not. I agree totally that people need to watch those around them. Many have horrendous lives, and need to be pulled back from the edge, by someone.

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  2. I agree with you 100%!
    And I’m so very sorry to hear about Greg. 😦
    That breaks my heart.
    I’ve lost an aunt, a nephew, and a friend from high school to suicide. 😦 It is a pain like none other.
    May all who feel like they can’t go on reach out to someone!!! Yes, people do care and want to help!


  3. No one who commits suicide, is Selfish. When they have thoughts of suicide, that is when they have come to the edge of life, when nothing in their life seem positive.
    And that is called depression.
    Most of the time, depression, and anxiety are overlooked, and nothing is been done. So the sufferer not knowing what to do, would take ones life.
    We always talk about others who may have committed suicide. But do we know if those around us, are suffering.


  4. I felt sad when I heard that a guy who used to bully me in high school killed himself a few years ago…I hated him when I knew him, but I regret that I did since he obviously had problems of his own. 😦


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