Betty Ren Wright & Walter Dean Myers

Every so often I like to check out what my favorite authors are doing, see if they might be doing any book signings near me or if there they have any new books coming out.

I was doing this a while back, seeing what my favorite authors are up to, and I found out that two of them had died. I heard nothing about either of their deaths.

Betty Ren Wright died December 31st, 2013. She was 87. Betty was the author of many books children and young adult books, though her best known book is The Dollhouse Murders. I became a fan in 2011 after reading The Dollhouse Murders. From what I’ve seen of her books, they are usually about ghosts. Which, of course, I like. Betty Ren Wright wrote and interesting ghost stories.

Walter Dean Myers died July 1st, 2014. He was 76. I became a fan of Walter Dean Myers when I was 13 or 14. The day I got The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton was the same day I got Slam! by Walter Dean Myers. The Outsiders and Slam! are the books that really got me into reading. I haven’t read a book by Walter Dean Myers in years, but I still consider him one of my favorite authors. He was one of the authors that got me to love reading. Thinking of his books bring back so many memories. I need to check my library and find a book by him I haven’t read yet.

I was really sad to read of his passing. The books I read by him I loved. Slam! is one of my favorite books and I’ve even reread it a few times.

Both Betty Ren Wright and Walter Dean Myers were wonderful authors. Maybe they aren’t the most popular or well-known authors, but I love them and their books. At least I will always have their books to read, reread and love.


6 responses to “Betty Ren Wright & Walter Dean Myers

    • Boston, New York? I know he lived in New York at the time of his death so I wouldn’t be surprised if made some news outlets there. But, I didn’t read anything online. Or even Goodreads, which is a book website. I only found out because I decided to look at his website.

      He was a great writer and I’m really glad to have discovered his books while growing up.


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