Spongebob The Movie: Spongebob Out of Water

Spongebob The Movie: Sponge Out of Water came out February 6th. I actually saw it a few days after it was released and have been wanting to post about it. Haven’t had the chance until now with all the stuff that’s been going on.

Spongebob is one of my favorite cartoons. I’ve watched it since the show premiered in 1999. And I saw the first movie when it came to theaters in 2004. The first Spongebob movie was the first movie I ever saw by myself in a movie theater.

I was pretty excited when a new Spongebob movie was announced.

From the commercials and posters, it looks as if Spongebob has went CGI. Well, somewhat. The CGI is actually only about 20 minutes long and near the end of the movie. Most of the movie is mostly 2D and I was okay with that. There are plenty of CGI cartoons I love, but I still love 2D animation. So, I’m happy the movie wasn’t completely CGI. I did like the CGI parts and other live action parts of the movie. In the live action parts you’ll see Antonio Banderas as Burger-Beard the Pirate.

I thought Sponge Out of Water was really enjoyable and just overall a fun movie. It had a lot of funny parts, too. It’s doing well at the box office, making so far $259 million, which is more than the first movie made. There is even talk of another movie! If there is going to be another movie, I’ll definitely see it.

The new Spongebob movie is lots of fun and it’ll be a movie I buy on DVD.


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