Cool Bookmarks!

I found this article that has a bunch of neat bookmarks. I am going to share my favorites from the ones on there.

This bookmark looks like a little lamp. Thought it was pretty neat.

This is one you can make yourself apparently. But, I like it! It is cute, and it is Pikachu!

Really like this Squirrel one.

It’s little mice reading! How cool of a bookmark is this one?

There are many more in the article linked above.

What bookmark are you using currently?


8 responses to “Cool Bookmarks!

  1. You’re right; those are seriously cute. Me? Other than ones I make, I just tear a strip from a random piece of paper where I’ve dabbed paintbrushes that are too full. 😉


  2. Those are cool book marks. I am using a book mark my great grandson made for me with his photo on it and heart that says gram in it for me.


  3. All of those are cool! Especially the mice! 🙂
    I am currently using some really special really cool bookmarks I got for Christmas!!! 🙂 They have paintings on them from one of my favorite artists Mary Cassatt! 🙂 I love the bookmarks and think of you as I use them!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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