Help If You Can Part 2

I don’t mean to bug anyone about this. But, most of you have read my original post about what’s going on and if you go to the GoFundMe page, you’ll get to read more of my family’s situation. But, I figured I’d add more to what I originally wrote in my previous post with the GoFundMe link.

The thing is, I wouldn’t have set up a GoFundMe and be asking for donations if I didn’t have to. I’m not the type of person to ask for donations neither are my parents. If I don’t have the money for something, I just do without until I finally get the money. But, with the current situation, my mom is worried about how we’re going to buy food and pay all the bills. My dad still hasn’t been able to find another garage for rent and he has to be out of the one he’s rented since 2001 by March 1st.

And currently, both of our vehicles are not working. The one is in the garage and my dad is trying to figure out what is wrong with it.

I don’t like asking for donations. I feel bad for even having to ask. But, I don’t know what else to do. It hurts me to see how stressed out my parents are, how worried they are. The situation is out of my control and I just wanted to try to do something that would help. That’s why when a friend suggested GoFundMe I decided to do it. I want to be able to help my family in some way.

How GoFundMe works is that you have to promote the page yourself. And you start by sharing it with friends and family. That’s why I’ve shared it on here, facebook and Twitter and also asking you all to share the link as well.

I know the rest of my family won’t share it and won’t help. They’ve known about the financial problems for a while and they won’t help even though they are able to.

I consider all of you friends and it is why I’ve asked you to share the link. I understand if you can’t help by donating, but I need help to get the link out there. And some of you have known me for a while, some of you read my blog on Xanga and you know I’ve never asked for donations. And I rarely ever talked about the financial problems my parents have been having. I share personal stuff about myself on my blog, but when it comes to my parents, I try to avoid doing it since I feel it is their business and if they wish to share it online, then they would do it. My mom knows I’ve been sharing what’s going on recently because of GoFundMe and she’s okay with it since she doesn’t know what else to do.

Like I said, I don’t want to bug all of you about this, but I do need your help to get the link out there. If you are able to help by donating, I will be grateful. If you can’t, I will be grateful if you just share the link. You can share it through twitter, facebook, or you can reblog this post.

Link to GoFundMe:


10 responses to “Help If You Can Part 2

  1. Hi Sweet Carolina.

    This was new to me. Sorry to hear about it.Is this still an ongoing problem and is the GoFundMe still being ued for your parents?

    Thanks for sharing this.




  2. Hello,

    I saw this as a re-blog on a dear friend’s WP. I wanted to come by and say that I’m very sorry for what’s happening, and sincerely wish I could do more than type out a few nice words and share the link along.

    I will be reblogging this post of yours. I wish you the best and brightest of blessings!


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