Cold, Cold, Cold!

Despite it being winter, for a few weeks here in Pennsylvania we were having days where it was in the 50s and some days it even reached 60 degree! It was quite nice. And the coldest it was getting was many around 28 degrees, but usually it was at least staying in the 30s.

But over the past few days it has been really cold. It was 10 degrees last night and tonight it is only 8 degrees! It’s about 65 in my house and it’s definitely feeling cold in here. Not as bad as outside, but still cold.

My family has a pellet stove, but currently it is not working right. We need some parts to fix it. One is on the way and my mom is going to call later today to order the other part.

We’ve been trying to keep it warm enough in here so the furnace doesn’t come on because we don’t have much oil and don’t have money to get anymore because it is just too expensive.

I can’t wait for the warm months to get here.  We’re not even a month through winter yet and I’m tired of it already.

I hope everyone else isn’t having as cold weather as we are here.


4 responses to “Cold, Cold, Cold!

  1. It was a little below zero here overnight…and it’s zero at the moment. Very cold!!! And I can’t wait for spring/summer too. I hope we actually GET one this year. Last couple years it’s hardly been warm enough, long enough to consider it to be summer here.


  2. It went down to 18 here, last night and we will get some snow on Saturday. The good part is that Spring gets here around March 1, in terms of temperature. Phoenix, though, is in the 60’s.
    Stay bundled up and safe.


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