Cherokee Words

I want to become fluent in the Cherokee language. I know the Cherokee Nation has classes on their website, but I’ve been unable to do them because I need a new laptop. I can watch short videos, but long ones make it overheat. And when doing the language classes, I have to watch long videos.

But, I’ve still learned some words in Cherokee and I thought I’d share a few with everyone.

Osiyo – Hello

Wado – Thank you

Tsalagi – Cherokee

Danisdayohihv – Christmas

Guque – Quail

The Cherokee language is really beautiful and I really do want to become fluent one day. But I’m happy to know a few words in this beautiful language.

For more words in Cherokee, check out this word list: Word list


8 responses to “Cherokee Words

  1. lol Oh my, that looks tough. I once bought a dictionary of Swahili and used some of those words at work. lol Some thought I was calling them bad names and checked out my dictionary. lol

    Those words you listed reminded me of that language in a way though very different.. There words can start with 3 constanets..(spelling?)

    Thanks for sharing


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